Rasheed being Rasheed


You've got to love old #36. He was great as a Hawk, and has always been entertaining. From "both teams played hard"( ), to playing catch with a prosthetic leg? "Picture this: NBA player Rasheed Wallace, a Derrick Thomas jersey and a prosthetic leg. That was the scene in the lobby Sunday afternoon at Lincoln Financial Field. Wallace, wearing a No. 58 Chiefs jersey, tossed a man’s prosthetic leg back and forth. "

Hawks getting a third jersey!


Scroll down to the calendar for all the upcoming events that will lead up to the Hawks tip-off. Great stuff, but much more importantly, check out Oct. 25th. It appears the Hawks are unveiling an alternate third jersey. Looks like it time to bring the piggy bank back out. I have a Zaza jersey to save up for. (HT Hawksquawk)

Joe Johnson will not sign an extension.


Which means he will become an unrestricted free agent. Seems odd that Joe would expect to get more than the four years 60 million the Hawks offered. The pessimist in me feels Joe might want to move on. The optimist in me thinks the Hawks might be better if he did. The hopeful in me is that market dictates the Hawks re-offering four years low fifty million next summer.

A look at Atlanta Hawks training camp invitees


I could do a post on the training camp invitees but it would not be as good or as entertaining as this one from Ridiculous Upside. It is chalk full of links and goodies so check it out for serious information on the non-guaranteed players at camp. I plan to stake my claim on three of these players and obsessively root for each to the point where I assume I will cry if one does not make the team. Who wants to join me? But seriously, click the link.

Flip Murray signing with the Charlotte Bobcats


I never liked Flip Murray leaving. And that feeling has only been intensified by a contract under 2 million dollars with a southeast division team. (HT dstdeelite)

Hoopinion breaks down Josh Smith's shooting


Great work by Bret here. And it actually leaves me feeling good about the team!

ShamSports with all your salary cap needs.


This site is either new or new to me, but regardless, totally awesome. It is not fully developed but has a lot of great info. I am linking to the page that shows what each team in the league has as far as salary cap exceptions. The Hawks have their full mid-level and bi-annual left. Great info on what is arguably the hardest thing about being a hardcore fan of the NBA.