Channing Frye states he’s taking Darius Garland and Donovan Mitchell over Dejounte Murray and Trae Young ‘all day’


There are a lot of talented young backcourts in the NBA, and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ duo of Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland is up there in the rankings. One of the other great duos is made up of Atlanta Hawks stars Trae Young and Dejounte Murray. Another great duo consists of Memphis Grizzlies phenom Ja Morant and teammate Desmond Bane. Michael Porter Jr., who plays for the Denver Nuggets, asked the "Road Trippin'" hosts who they would pick among those three backcourt duos, and former Cavs forward Channing Frye was clear with his choice.

Suggs, Magic hand Warriors fourth straight loss, 130-129


ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Jalen Suggs scored nine of his 26 points in the final two minutes, and the Orlando Magic rallied from a 16-point deficit in the second half to beat the Golden State Warriors 130-129 on Thursday night, handing the defending NBA champions their fourth straight loss. Stephen Curry had 39 points and nine assists for the Warriors. Klay Thompson added 27 points, but missed a 12-foot jumper at the buzzer after the Magic trapped Curry. Source

Atlanta Hawks full training camp roster and preseason schedule


The Atlanta Hawks are holding media day on Friday, and that means NBA basketball is almost back. The Hawks will be hosting an open practice next week on Wednesday before heading to Abu Dhabi for a pair of preseason games vs. the Milwaukee Bucks. Below is the full preseason schedule as well as the training camp/preseason roster the Hawks released ahead of media day. Preseason schedule Thu. Oct. 6, 12 pm ET vs. Milwaukee Bucks (game in Abu Dhabi) Sat. Oct. 8, 12 pm ET vs. Milwaukee Bucks (game in Abu Dhabi) Weds. Oct. 12, 7 pm ET @ Cleveland Cavaliers Fri. Oct. 14, 8 pm ET vs. New Orleans Pelicans (game in Birmingham, AL) Training camp roster Bogdan Bogdanovic, G Armoni Brooks, G Clint Capela, C John Collins, F/C Jarrett Culver, G Malik Ellison, G Tyson Etienne, G Trent Forrest, G AJ Griffin, G Maurice Harkless, F Aaron Holiday, G Justin Holiday, G De’Andre Hunter, F Jalen Johnson, F Frank Kaminsky, C/F Tyrese Martin, G Dejounte Murray, G Onyeka Okongwu, F/C Chris Silva, F Trae Young, G

Hawks Basketball Academy Embarks on ‘2022 Community Court Summer Tour’


Earlier today, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Academy surprised more than 65 youth at Lynwood Park in Atlanta to launch the return of the 2022 Community Court Summer Tour. For a second consecutive summer, the tour will surprise more than 1,250 youth with pop-up basketball and fitness activities at existing day camps located at 14 of the Hawks’ community basketball courts. Throughout the summer, the Hawks will provide a special half-day session for youth, ages six to 16, with a curriculum that focuses heavily on teaching basketball fundamentals and fitness basics with an emphasis on staying physically active, character development and having fun. The streams for the latest NFL matches live will be available on this site whenever the official games are available.

Texas Football: Kickoff times set for three nonconference games


Kickoff times and television selections for Texas’ three nonconference games were released on Thursday. As expected, the highly anticipated matchup between Texas and Alabama in Week 2 will kick off at 11 a.m. CT on FOX. The early afternoon start time will likely be an uncomfortably hot football game as temperatures could be close to triple-digits in Austin. In regards to the season opener on Sept. 3, the Longhorns will officially begin their 2022 season at 7 p.m. CT against Louisiana-Monroe on Longhorn Network. To close out the nonconference schedule, Texas will host UTSA for another night game at 7 p.m. CT, Sept. 17 on Longhorn Network.

Atlanta Hawks Evaluations: General Manager Travis Schlenk Travis Schlenk just finished his third season in Atlanta.


Entering the 2021-22 season, Travis Schlenk enjoyed high approval ratings in Atlanta. In just two seasons with the organization, he turned a rebuilding project into a team that came two wins short of winning the 2021 Eastern Conference Finals. Just as fans wanted, Schlenk locked up the young core through a series of contract extensions throughout the summer and fall of 2021. When Media Day rolled around, the roster was almost finalized. The final decision was choosing between Jahlil Okafor and Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot for the 15th and final spot. Looking to watch the watch nfr live 2022 online without cable? Check out our complete guide to access the Las Vegas National Finals Rodeo without cable.

Lou Williams Defends J.R. Smith on Twitter


Atlanta Hawks backup guard Lou Williams is a busy man. The 35-year-old only tweets sporadically, but when he speaks, people listen. That's why it was so cool to see Williams giving props to former NBA shooting guard J.R. Smith. See the Tweet below. Anyone if they want to know all the details on how to watch the 2023 Rugby World Cup live streaming on TV

Clint Capela - interview with Keystone-SDA/ATS (Swiss News Agency)


An interview with Keystone-SDA/ATS (Swiss News Agency), published on many Swiss magazines.

Clint Capela: "I extended in Atlanta because I want to win"
Published Oct 20, 2021

On the eve of his 8th season in the NBA, the Genevan is ready to return to battle. Between recovery, contract extension with the Hawks, All-Star Game and Shaqiri, "CC15" made a few confidences to Keystone-ATS.

After finishing top rebounder in the league and experiencing a Conference final against future champion Milwaukee, Clint Capela took a break. And a passage through the injection box in early August. Not against covid, since the Genevan has been double vaccinated for a long time, but to treat an inflammation of the Achilles tendon which has been disturbing him since last December.

The rehab coincided with the preseason games in late September and that’s why the Hawks center has only played a quarter. "It's getting better, I feel that it is healing", claims the man from Geneva-Meyrin.

A $46M-extension

When asked to tell about this pain, the Genevan is precise: "Since December, say that I have gotten used to this pain. And once I'm warm, it's OK. But when I get up, I can't walk normally. On a scale of 10, I think it's 6. Before it was sometimes 8. I had to play with last season, but I can't do it over two years. It happens to people who run a lot, it's tendon wear actually and you have to deal with it. I will be starting my 8th year in the NBA and I know I have to take care of myself. In English they have a maxim that says "health is wealth"".

Decisive under the panels in Georgia, Clint Capela quickly became an essential cog in his team. And management was right in offering him a two-year contract extension valued at $ 46 million. Still having two years on his previous contract signed with Houston, now the Genevan is tied to Atlanta until 2025. "It will normally be until I'm 31," CC15 counts. I didn't hesitate for long, having seen that they had re-signed all the good players. It's a great environment and I want to keep winning. "

Better to win than to get more money

Capela has cultivated this winning gene since his time with the Houston Rockets. In Texas, he was part of a franchise that, with James Harden as playmaker, was one of the best in the west before being transferred to Atlanta in February 2020. "The Hawks raised their first offer and the case was quickly closed," explains Capela. "I could have signed elsewhere and made more money, but I preferred the Hawks environment. And getting to the playoffs is even cooler."
Capela is first and foremost a team player, but he also takes time to think about himself. What are his personal goals after winning the Best Rebounder Award? "I would like to be even more dominant in what I can do best. Atlanta doesn't need me to do three-point throws. And I would like to play an all-star game one day," Clint considers his own future. "To do that, you have to be good in the first 40 games and the team has to be in good shape."

Exchange with Shaquiri (= member of Swiss National soccer team)

During the conversation between the highest-paid Swiss team athlete and Keystone-SDA, the sounds of a football game can be heard in the background. As a big Arsenal fan, Capela can sometimes watch Champions League games live thanks to the time difference. "Since I like Arsenal, my colleagues ask me if I've ever had contact with Granit Xhaka." He would then have to answer with no. "But Xherdan Shaqiri asked me for my signed shirt. He offered me one of his in exchange, and of course I said yes."

Clint Capela - interview Aargauer Zeitung


An interview from a Swiss newspaper in German language:

Aargauer Zeitung - 05.08.2021


Swiss NBA star Clint Capela: "I keep receiving death threats"
The Geneva basketball player Clint Capela holds his basketball camp in Zurich - in a big interview he talks about the downsides of being a professional. And he promises: "Soon we will win the title with Atlanta, then you will all know me."

Interview: Nicola Berger, Zurich

It is Wednesday afternoon in a school gymnasium in Oerlikon (= northern district of Zurich), young people are dribbling in the "Capela Camp", which was held for the first time, music by rapper Lil Uzi is booming from the speakers, and Clint Capela speaks into a journalist's camera. He was asked to explain briefly who he actually was, so he said, "I'm Clint Capela, I'm 27, I was in the NBA semifinals with the Atlanta Hawks. Soon we will get the title, and then you will all know me."

There is something remarkable about the last sentence - Capela is the best-earning Swiss team athlete in history, and he will be paid 18.6 million dollars for the 2021/22 season, which begins in October. He has just played what is probably the best season of his career, he was the rebound king of the NBA.

He is since a while a star in Atlanta. But in German-speaking Switzerland, the man from Geneva is only marginally noticed, which is also due to the local lack of interest for basketball. On the fringes of his visit to Zurich, Capela also spoke to CH Media about the dark side of his job.

_ _ _

Did the Atlanta trade in January 2020 shock you?
Clint Capela: I wouldn't say that. There has been speculation about this in the media for a while. It was hard to leave Houston, I had good friends there. But we weren't successful enough, so it was clear that something would have to change. Fortunately, I ended up in Atlanta.

With the Hawks, you've exceeded all expectations this season. Hardly anyone believed this team would make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.
That's correct. But we did, I mean: You need to believe in it, right? After the coaching change in March, we really turned it up. We have a young team, that was just the beginning.

The NBA season has been overshadowed by a number of injuries. After the forced break caused by the pandemic, were there simply too many games in too few days?
There were definitely too many games. We didn't have enough preparation time, so the injuries were no wonder. I wasn't fit either. In the playoffs I played with an injured Achilles tendon. When I got up in the morning, I could barely walk. But what can you do about it, with fewer games there would have been less money. That was also out of the question.

Speaking of money, you signed a $ 90 million five-year contract in 2018. Has the money changed you?
Of course it changes you. For better or for worse. I don't think it changed me for the worse. Money opens up opportunities, you can have fun in life. I enjoy that.

In Houston, your team-mate at the time, PJ Tucker, is said to have made fun of the fact that you "only" drive Rolls-Royce ...
That's correct. Because of him, I bought a Lamborghini. What can I say, they are just beautiful cars. And it's cool that I can afford it. But it should not be forgotten that there is also another side. It's not all just sunshine, although people may believe it.

Is it true that your car was demolished by angry fans in Houston after a playoff defeat?
Yes, it was like that. People are emotional. They bet on the games, more money than they can actually afford. And then they lose. I keep getting death threats.

I'm sorry, what?
Really often. On Twitter, on Instagram, everywhere. But I've learned to deal with it. In a way, it’s just part of this job, that's how the world is today. I ignore it.

How did you manage to be clarified like that?
You know, I left home when I was 14 and went to France so I could become a professional basketball player. I had to learn early on to think and live independently. That toughened me up. That helps me today.

A dominant theme in the NBA over the past twelve months has been the Black Lives Matter protests. The league and especially its players have done a lot to raise awareness of social injustice. Has it achieved anything, do you see any progress?
If you can sensitize people to an important topic, that always brings something. And yes, things are changing. Too slowly, but they are changing.

Thabo Sefolosha, your teammate in Houston in 2020, was once a victim of police violence in New York ...
Yeah and guess what? When we were playing with the Rockets in New York, Thabo and I saw the policeman who broke his leg. It was so weird. Thabo recognized him immediately, but we both could hardly believe it. The US can be a dangerous place to be, even today. Fortunately, I've never had to experience that myself and try to protect myself as much as possible by leading a quiet life. I am happy when I can watch a movie with my girlfriend at home.

You rarely stay in Switzerland. Why are you holding your camp in Zurich for the first time this summer?
Basketball lacks popularity in German-speaking Switzerland. My aim is to encourage children and young people to practice this wonderful sport - regardless of the level. I think wins help: if I were to become an NBA champion, it would help make the sport better known in Switzerland. For me that is a motivation. And I'll play for the national team again, if the game plan allows it.

Will there be another Swiss NBA professional after you?
I really hope so. If not, it will happen with my children at the latest.

What individual goals do you have besides winning the title?
That I can make it to the All-Star-Team. It will be soon. In my center position, I see myself in the NBA top 5. No, let's say top 4.

Clint Capela - short interview from Switzerland


29.07.2021, 15:39

Clint Capela recharges his batteries in Switzerland before starting a new season
Best rebounder of the last NBA season, Clint Capela is back in Switzerland. In Meyrin, the interior of the Atlanta Hawks offers its second youth camp and adds a first edition in Zurich.

Switzerland's most famous blonde lock is at home in Meyrin. Harassed by a marathon regular season of 72 matches picked up over five months, then three play-off rounds and a loss in six matches against the future champion Milwaukee, Clint Capela admits having ended the season (July 3) with a limp.

"I was hurt in the hand and in the heel", he explains. "I'm injured, but I'm fine. Nonetheless, I will have to go to Los Angeles to do some rehabilitation for my hand. " This passage in Switzerland therefore reads like a parenthesis of ten days. After Meyrin, the highest paid Swiss sportsman will go to Zurich for a German version of his camp. "No no, it will be in English," he laughs when asked if he will speak to young people in Swiss-German dialect.

To the participants of his camp, Clint Capela hopes to send them a message: "It's my mission, they must understand that everything is possible, but that it will not be easy. It’s possible to learn a lot and I would like to see some will break into LNA (=Swiss first division) or higher in the future. I would transmit to them this mentality - while not forgetting to have fun. "

It is legitimate for young people to watch a Capela at the top of his game with stars in their eyes. Recovered from a foot sole injury contracted while still playing with the Houston Rockets in early 2020, the 27-year-old Genevan had to whip to become essential with his new team, win the title of best rebounder in the League and make it to the Conference final.

"It was a pretty incredible season because of the covid, he analyzes. A real challenge from December to July. It did not start as we wanted. But after the break and the arrival of Nate McMillan as a coach, it woke everyone up a bit. We gained confidence and I gained responsibilities. We remained united despite the injuries that inevitably occurred. "

The beautiful story of the Hawks was interrupted in the play-off by that of the Milwaukee Bucks and its Greek star Giannis Antetokounmpo. "Amply deserved", according the Genevan speaking of the title of the franchise of Wisconsin and the "Greek Freak". "He has always worked very hard."

In order to be ready for the preparation for the coming season at the end of September, Clint Capela will not exaggerate, while continuing to follow a preparation allowing him to respond to an insane schedule: " With increasing age, is necessary to be increasingly careful. I know I still have a big athletic margin. I can become more dominant and I can lose fat. Of course I want to defend my title of best rebounder and participate in the All-Star Game. "

While Clint Capela takes care of the youngsters at his camp, the Swiss team are preparing the European pre-qualifiers for the 2023 World Championship which will take place in August in Skopje. And even if he will not be present with his compatriots, Clint Capela will be the first supporter as he had been when Switzerland beat Serbia. "I want to play with Switzerland again, he concludes. If the schedule allows."