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The Atlanta Hawks on FanDuel tonight -- who to play?

Which of the good (and bad) guys should you play?

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The Atlanta Hawks go to Brooklyn to take on the Nets tonight -- being part of a tidy, seven-game NBA slate overall, there is likely need to have some exposure into this game from a DFS perspective, so let's take a look at the players you could/should be on tonight in this game.

Atlanta Hawks:

The Hawks are playing without Kent Bazemore and, most importantly, Jeff Teague tonight. Without Teague, you should be all over Dennis Schróder in his place. A lot of folks who don't follow the Hawks might be a little hesitant towards Dennis because he has had some time as a starter lately, but alongside Teague rather than by himself. When Dennis is on the floor with Teague, he doesn't do much at all, highlighted by a puny 12.8% Usage rate and his FanDuel points per minute is a paltry 0.58. When on the floor without Teague, Dennis' usage leaps to over 30% and his FanDuel points per minute is 1.11. So, yeah, use Dennis tonight at his discounted $4.800 salary.

Also, not that you need an invitation to roster Paul Millsap, but in the same situation as Dennis' above. Millsap scores an elite 1.48 FanDuel points per minute rate. That's a wow considering how often they will be on the court together tonight. The Nets are also struggling at defending the small forward position, as if you need any more encouragement to get behind Millsap at 8.3K on FanDuel.

Brooklyn Nets:

As we know, it's abandon ship on the offensive glass for the Hawks, evidence by their fourth worst ranking in OREB%. That leaves even an average defensive rebounder like Brook Lopez in excellent position to accumulate points throughout the game. Also, whenever Al Horford plays a player significantly larger than he, as Lopez is, Horford moves his offensive game further out to the perimeter, meaning that Lopez is not in any danger for fouling. Lastly, as good as Horford is defensively, Lopez always has a big size advantage and uses it well in the post and in his face-up shot game. Lopez, at 8K is a good bet to deliver value given his history and game script tonight in Brooklyn.

Also, Thaddeus Young is a few more great games against Atlanta away from Certified Hawk Hater status. The former Yellow Jacket always seems to get up for the Hawks and he's at a very reasonable 5.8K on FanDuel.

This game is a 197.5 game total, which is a little sluggish, but the spread is 4.5 in favor of the Hawks, which would indicate a close game with full shifts for all the primary players.

So make sure you get some Dennis and Paul in your lineups and enjoy the game! Good luck!

Jason Walker is the Managing Editor for Peachtree Hoops and is an avid fantasy sports player in both seasonal and daily sports leagues. You can read other daily fantasy related items from him through his Twitter feed @JasonWalker_72.

How to Play and The Rules of Engagement:

The way that FanDuel works is as follows:

1. Head over to FanDuel today, register and check out the NBA games they have running.

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2. Once you enter, you set a lineup based on a salary cap of $60K and enter 2 PG, 2 SG, 2 SF, 2 PF and a Center (yes, Horford is considered a center).

3. Once your cap-friendly lineup is complete, click Enter and BOOM!, the fun begins!

Now, a bit of bad news. Here are specific rules. They include this: "In order to deposit money to play paid entry games you must be able to represent and warrant that you are not a resident of any of the following states: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, Montana, New York or Washington."

But there are still free games on the site, in which you can take part if you are from those states, and I know most of our readers don't fall into this category, but if you do, you can still have some fun!