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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks


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We're back!

As you recall, SBNation has partnered with FanDuel this season to give our readers a chance to see what is the latest breaking trend in the fantasy basketball industry, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

Even though this is a sponsored post with affiliate links, all of the opinions in this post are my own. And as an FYI, FanDuel gave me some cash to play its daily fantasy games.

The excellent thing about daily fantasy sports, and especially fantasy basketball, is that it's a new game every day. No worries about injuries, deadbeat owners in your league, etc. It's just day after day of heart pounding, game following excitement.

I am taking you guys through a season of NBA games from the daily fantasy point of view, complete with tracking my every day wins and losses. When will I bust out and lose it all? Come back and find out!

What Happened Recently?

I am getting a little woozy from the up and downs, however, I am back to $57.55, which is (quick Gator math) $7.55 more than when I started. Gonna buy a yacht!

Going Broke Pace: The Ides of March.

Friday's Lineup:

I am entering the $2 Slam and the $1 Dribble tonight, along with a $2 Double-up. Here's my lineup so you can pick against it and win while I inevitably slide back toward bankruptcy.


The Sixers aren't the worst defensive team in the league, in fact they are around the 10st worst, but the game itself features two fast paced teams with bottom 10 defenses, so there will be plenty of Fantasy Point friendly statistics to go around in that one, hence the LaVine (if Mo Williams is out again), Wiggins and Dieng plays, along with Steady Bob Covington on the other side.

With no LeBron tonight and everyone on Kyrie Irving (which was so good last time), I am picking on the league's worst SG defense in SAC by going with JR, who can throw up the FP in bunches when he doesn't have to work hard to do it, which is the Ty Corbin Kings in a nutshell. Having already been named to the AS game, Irving may ease up a bit, leaving some more of the scoring to JR.

Gasol played 44 minutes last night against the Lakers, so there is some concern on a back to back, but this is a good matchup for Pau against the team that fouls the most per shot in the league, the Suns. And Mario Chalmers with no Dwyane Wade and Luol Deng in the lineup should easily sprint past the value number at his current salary.

As always, I am very interested in hearing from others in the comments area about what they are doing in DFS and if you have any questions, feel free to chime in! If you have a success story, get in there and shout about it!

Jason Walker is the Managing Editor for Peachtree Hoops and is an avid fantasy sports player in both seasonal and daily sports leagues. You can read other fantasy related items at his site dedicated to such things, and hit him up on Twitter @JasonWalkerRoto.

How to Play and The Rules of Engagement:

The way that FanDuel works is as follows:

1. Head over to FanDuel today, register and check out the NBA games they have running.

For example: You can compete against friends, family and total strangers by entering the $2 NBA Shot contest! Click this LINK TO JOIN THE CONTEST and get into the tourney!

2. Once you enter, you set a lineup based on a salary cap of $60K and enter 2 PG, 2 SG, 2 SF, 2 PF and a Center (yes, Horford is considered a center).

3. Once your cap-friendly lineup is complete, click Enter and BOOM!, the fun begins!

Now, a bit of bad news. Here are specific rules. They include this: "In order to deposit money to play paid entry games you must be able to represent and warrant that you are not a resident of any of the following states: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana or Washington."

But there are still free games on the site, in which you can take part if you are from those states, and I know most of our readers don't fall into this category, but if you do, you can still have some fun!