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FanDuel Promo Code Tournament for Wednesday's NBA Games

Win! Win! Win!

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Woohoo! Have you been reading my daily picks pieces and wondering, dang, how can I get rich off of playing against Jason, too?

Well, wonder no more. You can compete against SB Nation's writers and editors and other community members by playing in our exclusive FanDuel tournament Wednesday! That's today!

Click this LINK TO JOIN THE CONTEST and get into the today's tourney! Am I hustling you after spending a month of losing? Only one way to find out! (SPOILER ALERT: Sadly, no.)

If you haven't enrolled already, CLICK HERE TO ENROLL at FanDuel and use promo code SBNHAWKS and you'll get a 100% first time matching deposit bonus ($200 max) to exclusive to SB Nation readers.

Some tasty matchups exist tonight including:

Minnesota @ Philadelphia: As I say in my RotoAdvice picks piece today, I have an unhealthy love for this matchup. You probably shouldn't join me here.

Lakers @ Wizards: Lakers soft defense faces John Wall. What could go wrong?

Dallas @ Milwaukee: Lots to like in this matchup if you can get past the boredom the two teams generate on the surface.

I joined friend-of-the-website Phil Naessens to break down tonight's action -- listen and enjoy! Our picks are below the podcast.

Phil's Picks:


My Picks (cash and tourney):