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2023: Atlanta Hawks Preseason: Resetting the offseason roster

Who’s coming to training camp?

2023 NBA Summer League - Sacramento Kings v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

With the introduction of two-way contracts in 2017, NBA teams have a multitude of manners of retaining talent to be able to develop into standard contract players down the line. Under these kinds of contracts, teams are able to option players to a G League affiliate when desired while also calling them up to practice and even appear for the senior team if needed.

This offseason, teams are now allowed a maximum of three two-way contracts at a time. And the Hawks like many have already taken advantage of that roster flexibility by using two tenders on rookies. The third two-way contract for the Hawks was recently announced as veteran Trent Forrest has agreed to a deal to keep him in Atlanta for the second straight season.

Starting this preseason, teams can have a maximum of 21 players enter their respective training camps — up from 20 as had been the case for many years. This means that in addition to 15 standard contracts and three two-way contracts, teams can hand out Exhibit 10 contracts to reach that limit of 21 — contracts that contain a (relatively) small guarantee but almost always end up in the player being waived to retain that players’ G League rights for the season.

That brings us to this question: where are the Hawks at in each category? As of writing, the Hawks have doled out 20 contracts broken down in the following manner:

Standard contract


Trae Young

Dejounte Murray

Kobe Bufkin

Patty Mills


De’Andre Hunter

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Saddiq Bey

AJ Griffin

Garrison Mathews

Wesley Matthews


Jalen Johnson

Mouhamed Gueye


Clint Capela

Onyeka Okongwu

Bruno Fernando

Two-way contracts


Trent Forrest


Seth Lundy


Miles Norris

Exhibit 10 contracts


Jarkel Joiner

David Singleton