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Whistle, Dejounte Murray aid in Project Backboard campaign

The campaign helps inspire kids’ creativity and imagination by renovating public basketball courts across the country.

Dejounte Murray has made Atlanta his home for the foreseeable future. A trade brought him from San Antonio — where he spent the first six seasons of his NBA career — to Atlanta in the summer of 2022. Then, this past summer, Murray and the Atlanta Hawks agreed on a four-year contract extension that can extend into 2028. This commitment to the ‘A’ extends beyond the court, however.

Recently, Murray took part in a Lunchables Dunkables and Project Backboard campaign to help renovate public basketball courts in the Atlanta area — a campaign that also extends nationwide. This initiative aims to “[inspire] creativity on and off the court, [...] [deliver] on kid desire and convenience without compromise, [and empower] young minds throughout the day.”

Chase Mills is an 11-year-old aspiring basketball player in the Atlanta metro area. In ‘No Days Off’ from Team Whistle, a Youtube episode series that follows a number of aspiring young hoopers, Mills shows off his practice routine in a recent episode. In it, he lists Dejounte Murray as a basketball player he models his game after due to his ability to score and defend.

Chase Mills
Project Backboard

But there is a twist.

On a renovated court in Deerwood Park in southwest Atlanta, Dejounte Murray himself surprises Mills with an in-person visit. It’s a touching moment and one that must be seen to believe.

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