A Facsimile, Not the Real Thing

As a lifelong ATLien I am torn listening to the recent turmoil surrounding the Hawks. For all of the issues the Hawks have they are still a playoff team in the east and (recordwise) in the west.

IMO the hawks have some defects that have to be addressed to move forward. I don't think it is as simple as Fire Nate or Get Rid of Trae.

Former GM Travis Schlenk built this team in the image of Golden State, with the blessing of Tony Ressler. As of this moment we have many of the corresponding pieces that can map to the GSW architecture. I submit that there are a few structural differences that will keep us(referring to myself as part of the Hawks) from duplicating the results GSW has achieved if we are using them as a template.

1. Trae is not Steph... Obvious as this is it requires mentioning. Steph is an all time great, but he has also manage to engender the respect of all teammates and coaches. Trae's work ethic can not be questioned, however, There is a fine line between being a superstar and being a superstar at the expense of your teammates (see Russell Westbrook).

2. JC is not Draymond. The Hawks need a Draymond personality to do the dirty work on and off the course. Everyone at GSW is getting paid b/c of Steph. With Draymond behind him, Steph does not have to be a vocal ra-ra leader in the clubhouse. Also, nobody on the roster will challenge Draymond if confronted.

3. Nate is not Steve Kerr. Steve Kerr is just as old school as Nate. The difference is that he has players (Draymond) that have an old school mentality and do the policing of the locker room.

Nate may very well need to be a casualty of the current media frenzy around the Hawks. That doesn't mean its all his fault. I love D. Hunter, but he is too inconsistent. During the past few years when the hawks had Vince Carter, Solomon Hill, Lou Williams they had a presence that was able to buoy the ship and support Trae's ascendancy. Someone who could bridge the gap from coach the players.

They need this more than ever as Trae struggles to find his footing as a grown man and the centerpiece of the organization.

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