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Atlanta Hawks roundtable: Is John Collins actually here to stay?

LA Clippers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

Peachtree Hoops’ staff is back with another Atlanta Hawks roundtable, this time taking a peek into the future in regards to the future of forward John Collins, who has often been brought up in trade rumors over the past couple of years.

John Collins was (again) the subject of many rumors this offseason. Do you expect him to finish the 2022-23 season as a Hawk, or will he finally be moved ahead of the 2023 trade deadline?

Zach Hood: This probably rides on how the Hawks are doing in terms of wins and losses towards the trade deadline. If they are middling or struggling, Collins’ name will likely be brought up in trade rumors like it often is. However, if they are playing well, it seems obvious that holding onto Collins would likely be the best option, unless a deal for a superstar somehow materializes mid-season.

Malik Brown: If the Hawks are doing good, I believe he will still be on the team. If they’re not meeting their expectations during the first half of the season, I can see the front office listening to offers once again and trying to move him.

Wes Morton: I think he stays barring a sudden change in events. After acquiring Dejounte Murray, it seems the Hawks had to move one of John Collins, Clint Capela or Kevin Huerter due to the long term tax implications — all of whom are locked into their contracts until at least 2025. With Huerter now in Sacramento, Collins looks to have staved off a move until at least next offseason in my estimation.

Graham Chapple: I think the talk will continue but Collins will stay if things go well. If things go poorly/worse than expected you’ll hear the rumors all over again but I think this time he will go. Do I think it’d be wise to trade Collins, no, absolutely not, but he’ll be the first to go since Murray just arrived.

Glen Willis: Is there a power forward out there that would be a fit for this team? With Danilo Gallinari having moved on they would have to get a legitimate starting power forward back in the deal to make this kind of move. I know some rumors have been out there regarding a deal for Harrison Barnes. But I wouldn’t be a fan of that move at all. So, I just don’t see it unless the season gets so far off the rails that they move him to create more salary cap/tax relief in future seasons. I say he’s on this team the entire season.