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Roundtable: How many All-Stars will the Hawks have this upcoming season?

2020 NBA All-Star - MTN DEW 3-Point Contest Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Peachtree Hoops’ staff returns with more offseason roundtable questions as we inch closer to training camp and preseason. Today, we look at how many All-Stars the Atlanta Hawks could potentially have this upcoming season.

How many All-Stars will the Hawks have in 2022-23?

Zach Hood: I’m gonna go with one, Trae Young. Dejounte Murray made it last year as the lead man in San Antonio, but it might be difficult for him to get the same numbers this season playing alongside Young. Guys like Clint Capela and John Collins could make a push with a strong first-half of the season, but I’d expect only Young to make it heading into the season.

Malik Brown: One. I think Trae Young will be the lone player to make it in for the Hawks, and with how guard heavy the Eastern Conference is, it might be hard getting Dejounte in as well. If there was a second person to get in, I’d probably say Clint Capela, especially if he comes out strong to start the season.

Wes Morton: I’ll say two, but with an honorable mention for John Collins who I believe can be further unlocked offensively with two elite ball handlers in stow. Murray made his first All-Star team last year, and while his numbers will most likely dip having to share the floor with Young, he will still run the show with a bench unit that will rely heavily on his offense. The guard pool in the East is a bit shallower than usual with question marks surrounding Kyrie Irving’s and James Harden’s recent dips, and with Murray entering his prime, I could see him slip in as an injury replacement.

Graham Chapple: I think just the one in Trae Young. With Murray coming into the fold, I think there’s enough production around Young to take away from another’s potential All-Star case; John Collins and Murray being the other All-Star contenders. I think the only route for multiple All-Stars for the Hawks would be team success, leading or top three in the East at the time of selections. Injury replacement is always possible too, as well as the Kevin Durant situation potentially opening up a space if he heads to the West.

Glen Willis: Trae Young is a lock so that’s one. Dejounte Murray is the next player with some sort of realistic chance to make it. He put up 21 points and 9 assists per game last season on the league’s 17th ranked offense. This season he will play for a team that should, once again, be a top-5 offense. It’s going to be next to impossible for him to replicate anything close to those assists numbers, so if he is going to make the squad it’s going to come down to two things. His ability to attack the paint when teams force the ball out of Young’s hands and whether or not he can help elevate the defense. Even if he hits the mark in both areas, the Hawks will need to win a lot of games to put him into serious consideration. Then there is the matter of where star players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving play this season. I think he has a good shot at it so I will say Atlanta gets two players on the team.