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Roundtable: Which Atlanta newcomer is flying under the radar?

Which lesser discussed new additions will make the biggest impact for the Hawks in 2022-23?

Indiana Pacers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

Peachtree Hoops’ staff dives into some offseason questions regarding the Atlanta Hawks over the next few days as the movement begins to slow down around the league. Today, we look at which lesser discussed new addition may make the biggest impact for the Hawks in 2022-23.

Outside of Dejounte Murray, which other Atlanta newcomer will make the biggest impact on the team during the 2022-23 season and why?

Zach Hood: There hasn’t been another flashy move outside of Murray for the Hawks this offseason, but Justin Holiday should be a very solid addition to the backcourt. He’s nothing spectacular in any individual sense but is a capable rotation player that will hopefully help fill the void left open on the bench by the departures of Kevin Huerter and Delon Wright. Holiday’s shooting and defensive versatility make him a quality depth option.

Graham Chapple: Other than the Murray addition, I haven’t been huge on the other moves the Hawks made this summer. But the player likely to make the biggest impact is Justin Holiday, coming in the trade with Sacramento for Kevin Huerter. The trade is a downgrade overall but Holiday will be solid at the very least.

Wes Morton: This is a tough question because I’m not sure any newcomer beyond Murray has much of an impact. The top 8 or 9 rotations players are fairly locked in. But I would say Justin Holiday since his size and shooting checks some of the boxes the Hawks have been looking for on the perimeter in the wake of Huerter and Gallinari leaving.

Glen Willis: In my mind there is no question it will be Justin Holiday. By all we have heard, the Hawks are setting up to incorporate more switching on defense and Holiday’s strengths will be leveraged in this scheme. It’s no secret that Atlanta needs to improve defending at the point of attack. While Holiday is not a stopper in that sense, his proficiency as a player that can help contain ball handlers via effective switching techniques and by way of his strong play as a help defender.

Malik Brown: Since we all think it’s going to be Justin Holiday on the court, I’m going to say Kyle Korver, as he recently joined the Hawks’ front office. Korver is known as a sharpshooter, and hopefully he can help a few players, especially young ones, with their jump shots and free throws. Also, let’s hope he can be a positive for Trae Young and help him improve his off-ball movement, something Korver was always excellent at through his career as a longtime spot-up marksman.