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2022 NBA Draft scouting report: MarJon Beauchamp

2022 NBA Draft Content Circuit and Portraits Photo by Steven Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images

Our 2022 NBA Draft scouting report series continues with a look at guard prospect MarJon Beauchamp.

More and more prospects are taking the G-League route instead of playing collegiate or overseas. So far, the ones that have been drafted have shown some promise in the league, which gives a level of optimism for more to ride the wave. In this draft, the current G-League star that stands out is guard MarJon Beauchamp.

Throughout the season, Beauchamp has shown the potential of a player that can be very good in the future. There are some things that he does now that will catch your eye, and his main attribute is his versatility on defense.

Standing at 6’6 with a seven-foot wingspan, Beauchamp’s frame looks already to be NBA-ready, and he can defend multiple positions as well. Beauchamp showed throughout the season that he can stay in front of his assignment at the point of attack, and can also have some success guarding the interior.

In the NBA, having the ability to defend at a high level will take you far, so with that alone Beauchamp is in a class of his own.

Not only can he defend, but he’s known for attacking the rim on offense. Beauchamp doesn't need a play run for him, just get him the ball in the open court and watch him drive the lane. If you’re a team that loves pushing the pace and getting out on fast breaks, Beauchamp is the right guy to have. The exciting part about his game is his leaping ability, and he’s shown numerous times that he’s super athletic.

Athleticism and defense are Cleary Beauchamp's calling cards, but where he must improve is his jump shot. He has some things to work on as far as his mechanics, which may be a real reason why he struggles. In his last 12 games for the G-League Ignite, he shot 30% from three. That’s not a very good number, especially factoring in that the three-ball is very necessary for the NBA.

Though he shot poorly from three, he's shown some consistency in the midrange, showing some skills as an off-the-dribble threat at times. If he can find his sweet spot there in the league, he may be able to work up his game to be average from three.

On ESPN’s draft board, Beauchamp is ranked No. 7 at the shooting guard position and ranked No. 26 overall. He's shown the potential to be an effective defender, and if his offense comes along, he could be a very good prospect.