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Trae Young wins Eastern Conference Player of the Week

Brooklyn Nets v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young has won the Eastern Conference Player of the Week award, marking the third time the All-Star guard has won the award this season.

Young averaged 30.3 points and 10.8 assists per game for the Week, propelling the Hawks to a 4-0 record. Atlanta has surged of late and Young has been a huge part of that, to no one’s surprise. Atlanta sits as the No. 8 seed heading into Monday’s slate, and they were stuck bouncing between 9 and 10 before the streak.

The Hawks will look to extend their five-game winning streak on Tuesday night when they take on the Toronto Raptors. Atlanta continues to fight for positioning in the Eastern Conference Play-In race, as maintaining a spot as the No. 7 or 8 seed is a huge advantage over being 9 or 10.

Young himself is in the midst of making a bid at being selected to All-NBA, as there is little argument that he has been one of the best six guards in the league this season. It remains to be seen how the voting will shake out, but Young should crack one of the three All-NBA teams. While he won’t get much MVP attention due to Atlanta’s struggles as a team, he is certainly playing at an extremely high level.

The fourth-year guard is having the most efficient season of his career, and both the traditional and advanced statistics back that up. Young is averaging more points than he did last season while getting to the free throw line almost 1.5 times fewer per game. He leads also leads the NBA in AST% while having the lowest TOV% of his career.

Stay tuned.

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