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Reacts: Who is the favorite for MVP?

Philadelphia 76ers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Adam Hagy/NBAE via Getty Images

Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young has already locked down an All-Star starting spot. Can he enter the NBA MVP race? So far, fans don’t seem to think so.

Reigning MVP Nikola Jokic leads the way to this point with 27% of the vote despite Stephen Curry being the Vegas favorite. It could be argued that Jokic won’t have the wins and Curry won’t have the stats compared to other guys on that graphic like Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

For Young to truly enter the conversation, the Hawks would essentially have to stop losing. They have done that for now with a five-game win streak. Young is top-5 in the NBA in points and assists per game and would feasibly be in the mix if the Hawks were able to jump into the top five or six in the East by the end of the season.

It would still be an uphill battle to beat out former MVPs Jokic, Curry and Antetokounmpo, in addition to guys like James Harden and Joel Embiid. While Young can definitely enter the top-5, actually winning the award this season will be very tough due to the Hawks’ slow start.

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