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Atlanta Hawks NBA 2K22 Official Roster and Ratings

Minnesota Timberwolves v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

NBA 2K22 is finally here.

2K Sports has released one of their most popular game series on the current and next generation game consoles. Besides the gameplay itself, many gamers are interested in what the player ratings will look like throughout the game. Some of the star players’ ratings were released early, but now gamers have access to everybody in the league.

For the Hawks, Trae Young was one of the players that had his overall released early. Onyeka Okogwu’s rating was also released early after he requested it from Ronnie Singh, 2K Sports producer, on social media. Now that we have the entire roster, let’s take a look at where the Hawks players rank.

Atlanta Hawks Team Roster- 81 overall

When you look at the Hawks roster, there are a lot of players that range in the high 70s to low 80s, which gives their overall roster rating an 81. Some of those players have the ability to raise their rating, which is why I think their potential is so high. Their next highest attribute is their outside shot, which should be no surprise since almost everybody on the team can shoot from the perimeter.

Trae Young- 89 overall Archetype: Offensive Threat

Did 2k get this rating right? Young himself didn’t think so, and some in the community thought so as well. His rating has increased each year, and I think one of the reasons he didn’t pass the 90 threshold is because of his defense (which he showed improvement in this past season). Young’s 3pt shot is an 86 and his passing IQ is a 94, which are both the highest on the team.

Clint Capela- 86 overall Archetype: Glass-Cleaning Lockdown

Capela led the league in rebounds and was top five in blocks, and with that he should probably be considered a top five center on the game. His defensive rebound is at an 97, which is one of the highest in the entire game. His block rating is also at an 88.

John Collins- 84 overall Archetype: 3-Level Scorer

Collins improved in a few spots this past season, including his defense. His inside and mid range shot improved, and his dunk is the highest on the team at a 93.

De’Andre Hunter- 80 overall Archetype: 2-Way Mid-Range Shooter

One could say Hunter’s rating is up in the air because of how much time he missed last season, but if you’re going off of what he did while he was playing, his overall is fair call. His perimeter defense is tied for the highest rated on the team at an 81.

Bogdan Bogdanovic- 80 overall Archetype: Sharpshooter

Bogdanovic shot lights out last year, and they rewarded him with an 85 3pt shot, which is the second highest on the team. He has a 91 mid-range rating, which ranks the highest on the roster.

Danilo Gallinari- 79 overall Archetype: Stretch Four

Gallinari is behind Bogdanovic with an 84 3pt shot, as he showed a few times last season that he could get hot from the perimeter.

Kevin Huerter- 76 overall Archetype: Shot Creator

Huerter comes in with the fourth highest 3pt rating at an 82, and his mid-range shot is the second highest on the team at a 90.

Cameron Reddish- 76 overall Archetype: Perimeter Lockdown

Reddish is another player that has a debatable rating, due to missing most of the season last year, but returning for the last two games of the Conference Finals. Something they did get right: Reddish is known for locking down the perimeter. He has a 81 rating, just like Hunter.

Lou Williams- 76 overall Archetype: Slasher

As of right now, Williams is listed as free agent on the game. He does have the highest layup rating the free agency pool with an 88. I also don't know if I would consider Williams a “slasher”.

Delon Wright- 76 overall Archetype: Playmaker

Wright has a steal rating of 86, which is the highest on the team. The next highest is 70.

Onyeka Okongwu- 74 overall Archetype: Paint Defender

Okongwu has the second highest block rating at 83.

Gorgui Dieng- 74 overall Archetype: Stretch Five

One of the Hawks’ free agent additions this offseason, Dieng has an 85 rated close shot.

Jalen Johnson- 73 overall Archetype: Multi-Position Defender

After what he did in the Summer League, Johnson’s dunk is only at a 65. It’s hard for rookies to get much love at the start.

Skylar Mays- 71 overall Archetype: Mid-Range Specialist

Mays’ mid-range is his best attribute on the game, which is an 84.

Timothé Luwawu-Cabbarot- 72 Overall Archetype: Tempo-Pushing Wing

The Hawks latest free agent signing, Luwawu-Cabbarot is still on the Brooklyn Nets roster on the game.

Solomon Hill- 70 overall Archetype: Perimeter Defender

If it were me, I’d have Hill’s strength maxed out and his brick wall on Hall of Fame. If you know, you know.

Sharife Cooper- Not yet added on game