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2021 NBA Draft scouting report: Moses Moody

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Arkansas at Baylor Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Peachtree Hoops continues its 2021 NBA Draft scouting report series with a glance at Moses Moody, a one-and-done wing prospect out of Arkansas.

Widely considered the draft’s premier 3&D wing, Moses Moody of Arkansas is subsequently likely to hear his name called before the Atlanta Hawks pick at No. 20 overall. Standing at 6’6 in shoes with a wingspan of about 7’1, Moody possesses an excellent physical profile for an off-ball wing. An embodiment of the coveted 3&D archetype, Moody projects to fit essentially any team, particularly teams with a primary creator already in place.

Moody is typically pegged as a “high floor” prospect, with a projectable NBA role and ready-made skills to play as a complementary piece. Offensively, Moody will likely fall into a mostly spot-up role, having scored just under 1.3 points per possession on spot-up jumpers without a dribble per Synergy, ranking 83rd percentile. Moody also has potential to shoot off movement, a skill which could be further enhanced by his demonstrated ability to knock down jumpers with a hand in his face.

On the defensive end, Moody is an impact defender with great length. He blocked over 20 shots at Arkansas, offering intrigue to make occasional help-side rotations to challenge shots. All in all, Moody is an attractive prospect with additive skills that should fit virtually any lineup; while there are questions about how much upside he possesses, he has the profile of a long term NBA starter.

Offensive Analysis:

  • While not an elite shooter by any stretch, Moody boasts a comfortable shooting projection buoyed by an 81% free throw percentage and a high release point that should make him a reliable threat from distance. At six three-point attempts per 40 minutes, Moody should be able to grow into a volume role and will pair well with a strong pick-and-roll creator who can provide him with a steady diet of spot-up attempts.
  • An important quality in high level spot-up shooting is having a counter when defenses close out hard and prevent a clean catch-and-shoot attempt. Moody has shown ability to step in and make these looks, but refining his pull-up two package will be a key target of growth for him. In my opinion, players who mostly operate as floor spacers tend to lose value in the postseason without the ability to knock down mid-range jumpers when run off the line. Becoming a weapon here could propel Moody to greater heights.
  • How much impact can he have as a creator? While Moody’s role at Arkansas did not call for much on-ball creation, I think it remains to be seen how much value he can have as a secondary creator. For me personally, my biggest takeaway of the playoffs was the value of secondary creation on the wings, since defenses work harder to limit your best offensive tendencies. Dynamism on the wings is a trait that can limit what defenses throw out; becoming more dynamic on the ball is an important swing factor for Moody.

Defensive Analysis:

  • Moody has one of the most “easy” defensive projections of any prospect in this class. Equipped with a great wingspan, good lateral ability, and even some rim protection, Moody should be a clear positive. What I really like is his ability to defend on the ball in isolation; this adds increased versatility to his assignments.
  • Hawks fans are familiar with how Cam Reddish uses his length off the ball to disrupt defenses; Moody has a similar quality but on the ball. He has good hands and makes great use of his wingspan to deny space. And he has increased margin for error on close outs, too.

Fit with the Hawks

3&D players have among the most portable skill sets in the league, meaning they can port their value to a lot of different teams due to how they fill in the cracks and provide two way impact. They’re also quite scarce and expensive on the free agent market. For this reason, they’re prized in the draft every year. This can be detrimental to team building at times, as teams could elevate prospects who seem to fit this archetype but have underlying flaws. There are many “counterfeit” 3&D players.

For Moody, there is no concern here - he is the genuine article. And for this reason, teams appear to be rightfully high on him. While I have some concerns about how much upside he has, we shouldn’t overthink things either. Should the Hawks have an opportunity to select him, he makes for a snug fit. Impactful defenders who can shoot are straightforward assets for a Trae Young team. All this to say that Moses Moody will probably be good, and he’s a safe bet to make his team better.