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ECF Roundtable: Series predictions for Hawks-Bucks

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Who will win the series and advance to the NBA Finals?

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Leading up to the Eastern Conference Finals, the Peachtree Hoops staff answers three questions as part of a roundtable series surrounding the series between the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks. For the third and final question, we try to predict who will ultimately win the series and advance to the NBA Finals.

Zach: Hawks in 7. The Bucks will be favored, but they aren’t perfect. The Hawks are healthier, and have more quality options than the Nets in their current state. While they don’t have Kevin Durant, they do have a multitude of weapons and have been much improved on the defensive end during the postseason. The health of Bogdan Bogdanovic will be massive, however. If he is unable to go, or severely limited, this could obviously be an uphill battle.

Graham: This is tough… Less opportunity for upset here heading into this series than there was for the Sixers series with the Joel Embiid question marks. Bucks are a quality, experienced side in the playoffs but even they are entering some uncharted territory, now firm favorites the rest of the way. I’d love to be wrong, I think Milwaukee might be too much to handle with their defensive options limiting the Hawks. Bucks in 5, but again, I will be happy to be wrong.

Wes: Milwaukee Bucks, The Mighty Ducks, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? I don’t care. Hawks in 7.

Glen: Hawks in 7. I know it’s a really tough match up in several ways but if you’ve been watching when and how the Bucks have struggled offensively in previous series, this is playing right into a match up where I think Clint Capela’s defense will be the difference. I think they defend Giannis Antetokounmpo basically as they did Julius Randle in the first round. The two-time MVP is obviously a different challenge with his length, but I think they will game plan as to make him a passer. And the Hawks have multiple interior defenders that Miami and Brooklyn didn’t.

Rashad: Atlanta Hawks in 7 games. I have no logical explanation for it, as the last two rounds haven’t gone anywhere near how I envisioned them to go, so I’m going to go against my logic right now.

Malik: This team has surprised me this postseason, so it would seem going against them would not be the best idea. But, I’m going to do it anyway. Despite the mental lapses and the inconsistency of this Bucks team, the Hawks still do not have an answer for Giannis. I think the Hawks will fight like always, but they don’t have enough to matchup with Milwaukee. Bucks in 6.

Andrew: Bucks in 6. I’ve picked Atlanta in each of the last two rounds but I have real concerns about how Atlanta matches up with Milwaukee. Obviously hope to be wrong but it’s going to be an uphill battle for the Hawks.

Tony: With every game, we learn more and more about this young team. At this point, there’s no losing for Hawks fans as there is real potential for the future if the FO doesn’t get complacent in the off-season. I won’t completely write the Hawks off, I do think they can win a few games; but the defensive questions are too many. Milwaukee and Giannis come out victorious in a win or go home Game 7 in a nail-biter series.

Josh: I want to believe but I think it will be Bucks in 5. Milwaukee will be determined but most importantly most of their core is healthy at this point in the postseason. That said I also said Sixers in 6 and we all saw how that turned out.