Who Could the Hawks Get In Return for Tre?

Hold on now, don't tar an feather me for committing blasphemy. I know Atlanta loves Tre and he is a unique offensive weapon the Hawks have built around. I have grown to really appreciate Tre and the offensive game he brings to the court.

And here is the BUT. I just have trouble picturing a player that is so bad on defense leading a team to an NBA championship. As great as Tre is on O, he is terrible on D, and most often appears disinterested in playing D.

That leads me to wonder...who could the Hawks get in a trade for Tre? Before last season I would have traded Tre straight up for Ben Simmons in a heart beat. I bet most Hawks fans would have as well. The Sixers most assuredly would not have taken that trade. Now, after leading the Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals, Tre has proved he is a big time weapon who shines brightest in big games. His Value is as high as it has ever been. So, if Travis decided tomorrow That the Hawks needed to move on from Tre And he wasn't run out of the building for suggesting a trade, who could the Hawks get in return? Would Portland Trade Lillard for a younger star PG? Would Dallas part with Luka straight up, or with Cam thrown In? What about Ja Morant or De'aron Fox plus other pieces?

Is it possible to het a Herschel Walker type return for Tre, or get us a PG who makes the team more competitive and better positioned to win a championship?

Lillard would put the Hawks on a very short list Of top teams. Luka, the same. I love Ja Morant's game all around game and Fox would be a household name if not stranded in Sac town. What are your thoughts, other than I should be banished from the board?

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