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NBA 2K: Which Hawks’ players will see the highest rise in their ratings?

Atlanta Hawks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA season is back, which means it’s time to see if your favorite player has improved or taken a step back from last year. With that, their NBA 2K rating will either rise or falter throughout the season.

The talk from players before every season now is what their 2K rating is, and whether they think it’s too high or too low, what some forget is that their rating will fluctuate as the season goes on. Some players see a big rise in their overall by the end of the season, some see a decline, and others may not see any movement at all.

With how much talent the Hawks have on their roster, there is a chance that some players could see a rise in their 2K rating, more than others. Here’s a few players that I think will take a jump, and my prediction for their overall at the end of season.

Kevin Huerter

Current Rating: 77

Huerter just signed his contract extension, which means he should have a clear mind to go out and produce with no distractions. With all the injuries that the Hawks suffered at the wing position last season, it gave Huerter the chance to have a bigger role on the team. He became a better defender and showed that he could be a solid secondary playmaker when he has the ball.

Huerter came into this year’s NBA 2K with the second highest mid-range shot rating on the team, and the fourth highest three-point rating.

If Huerter can keep that same level of productivity with a healthy roster, he should see a rise in his rating at the end of the season. Right now, his archetype is “Shot Creator”, but with a rise in his perimeter defense, that could change to a “2-Way Shot Creator”.

End of season overall prediction: 81

Cam Reddish

Current rating: 76

Reddish is another player on the Hawks roster with a 76 overall rating, but he’s also a player that rating could be hard to decipher due to him missing most of the season last year. Reddish has shown his ability to defend at a high level, which should be one of his highest attributes, but what else can he do? He’s shown flashes of potential, but a few games won’t dramatically change a rating.

This season, Reddish is coming in fully healthy, so he’ll have a good chance to improve his rating. As we saw in the Eastern Conference Finals last year and in the preseason, Reddish can get hot from three, and if he stays consistent from there, that could be his second highest attribute.

Right now he’s considered a “Perimeter Lockdown”, but he can change that by the end of the season to a “2-Way Sharpshooter”.

End of season overall prediction: 80

Trae Young

Current rating: 89

When Young’s rating was released, many people were surprised that he wasn’t in the 90 overall group (even Young himself was shocked). With what Young has done in three season, including an impressive playoff debut, his rating is good, but I think he’s justified himself being in the 90 club. Young has shown that his greatest gifts are passing and shooting, and those attributes are already high. What else could realistically help his rating take a jump?

This season, some people think that he can take another big leap in his career.

If we’re going by this take, Damian Lillard is currently an overall 94. Whether Lillard raises his rating or it drops, Young will have to obtain atleast a 93 rating to be considered one of the top point guards, and there’s a possibility that he gets there. Building on the success from last year will only help his rating rise, and I think if the team as a whole is successful, that could increase his rating.

His current archetype is “Offensive Threat”, and I think it will definitely stay that way for the rest of the season.

End of season overall prediction: 94

If you want to take a look at the rest of the team and their ratings, here’s an article that lists them all and their archetypes.