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John Collins vs. Kyle Kuzma: An investigation

An important study.

Atlanta Hawks v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images

In a throwback to Peachtree Hoops lore (example here), we’ve launched a comprehensive investigation into a specific topic regarding the Atlanta Hawks. It’s August and nothing is happening.

21-year-old John Collins is a member of USA Basketball’s Select Team, tasked with helping USA Basketball’s National Team prepare for the FIBA World Cup.

24-year-old Kyle Kuzma is participating with USA Basketball’s National Team and might even make the 12-man roster for the FIBA World Cup.

They even have the same NBA 2K rating for the 2019-20 season.

Why, you ask, does this post exist?

Well, John Collins is better than Kyle Kuzma at... everything?

For the sake of fairness, we’ll include the entire two-year career for both players when dissecting their advanced numbers.

Okay, okay. Kuzma has played more minutes to this point. So he’s got that going for him.

Did I mention that John Collins is 21 years old?

Yes, there are defensive questions about Collins long-term but, um, Kuzma isn’t good on that end of the floor either.

Let the record reflect our objection to any notion that Kyle Kuzma is, in fact, better than John Collins.

It’s just not true.