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NBA Draft 2019: Atlanta Hawks send No. 41 pick to Golden State Warriors

Atlanta Hawks v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Less than 24 hours after completing a pre-draft trade that sent the No. 44 pick to the Miami Heat, the Atlanta Hawks continued their activity on Thursday morning. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski first reported that the Hawks will send the No. 41 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for what a league source confirms to be an unprotected 2024 second-round selection and cash considerations.

This deal is remarkably similar to that of the trade with Miami in that the same future draft (2024) and cash structure was used. In the trade with the Heat, the Hawks acquired $1.88 million, leaving the $1.3 million reported figure for the Golden State trade as the maximum allowable under NBA rules.

The key part of this trade evaluation when compared to that of the previous trade, however, is the absence of protections. Reporting indicates that Atlanta’s trade with Miami essentially amounts to a pick sale, with the Hawks only acquiring the 2024 selection from the Heat if it lands between No. 51 and No. 55. In contrast, a league source indicates that the pick acquired from Golden State is unprotected and will convey as such.

With this trade completed, the Hawks now have only four picks — No. 8, No. 10, No. 17 and No. 35 — to deploy in the 2019 draft and things could change quickly throughout the evening. For now, though, it appears Atlanta had little interest in using its picks in the 40’s, with one sold to Miami and another pushed to the future with this transaction.

Stay tuned.