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Welcoming ATL and 29 to Peachtree Hoops

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Take note!

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Atlanta Hawks Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, friends.

March is here and Peachtree Hoops has a new and exciting development. The ATL and 29 podcast, hosted by KL Chouinard of (with regular appearances from old friend Tyler Jones), will now be a part of the newly formed Peachtree Hoops Podcast Network.

In short, the show will appear on Peachtree Hoops as the official podcast of the site and we are very excited to announce this partnership! Since its inception, every episode of the Locked On Hawks Podcast has been available on Peachtree Hoops but, while that show isn’t going away (and I will still be hosting it), new episodes will no longer pop up on the site.

We welcome and encourage you to hop on board with the ATL and 29 podcast and, whether you are already an avid listener or giving the program a chance for the first time, we’re happy to be up and running. Keep an eye on this space in the (very) near future for official episodes but, for now, spend time getting ready for the launch.

‘ATL and 29: A Peachtree Hoops Podcast’ is hosted on Megaphone and you can subscribe via a number of platforms. Please do us a solid and subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, PlayerFM, or Stitcher, as well as any podcast player you might prefer.

Tell your friends about the show and be sure to bookmark our dedicated section.