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Trae Young reportedly set to participate in NBA All-Star Skills Challenge

Another point of interest in Charlotte.

Atlanta Hawks v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Atlanta Hawks may not have an All-Star when the NBA convenes in Charlotte from Feb. 15-17 but all signs point to an active weekend for the franchise. The Rising Stars Challenge will almost certainly include players wearing Hawks gear and whispers indicate that Atlanta might have a participant in the Slam Dunk Contest for good measure.

Now, word has emerged from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski that rookie point guard Trae Young will participate in the annual Skills Challenge.

Young seems to be a good fit for the Skills Challenge in a number of ways. He is already an elite-level passer, as evidenced by the fact that he ranks No. 7 in the NBA in assists per game (7.3), and Young also brings a dramatic flare with the ball in his hands. Beyond that, he is a marketable figure and, while it isn’t yet official, all signs point to Young as an obvious candidate for the Rising Stars Challenge, meaning the NBA can kill two birds with one stone.

If we’re being honest, the Skills Challenge isn’t necessarily the most high-profile event of NBA All-Star Saturday Night but Young’s presence should bring additional intrigue to the festivities and it’s always a positive see national recognition for members of the franchise.

Stay tuned.