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John Collins lands on CBS Sports ranking of top 100 NBA players

Another top 100 list is out.

Atlanta Hawks v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Player ranking season rolls along in NBA circles and it is always interesting to monitor where various players land when compared to their peers. When Sports Illustrated unveiled its list, Kent Bazemore was the lone representative from the Atlanta Hawks and, over at ESPN, the Hawks weren’t featured with a single member of the top 100.

On Tuesday, the NBA staff at CBS Sports released their official list and, while it took a (long) while to find a player from Atlanta’s roster, John Collins made the cut... at No. 100 overall.

Jack Maloney of CBS penned the following:

Yes, there were some stars at the top of the group, but one of the reasons last season’s rookie class was one of the best ever was because of the depth. Because of players like Collins. An incredible athlete, Collins nearly averaged a double-double, protected the rim and was always a threat to put someone on a poster.

As with any list of this nature, there are plenty of things to pick apart, from the inclusion of rookies three rookies (Luka Doncic, Deandre Ayton, Marvin Bagley III) ahead of Collins to the notion that players like Bazemore and Taurean Prince aren’t superior to players referenced in the rankings. Still, it is nice to see Collins get a bit of national recognition in this kind of format, particularly as this is the only outlet to list him (at least to this point) among the league’s top 100 players.

The debate rages on as to who will be Atlanta’s best player this season but the folks at CBS Sports just filed a vote for John Collins.

Stay tuned.