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Offshore outlet releases more optimistic win total projection for Atlanta Hawks

The contrast between Vegas and offshore.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook released its over/under win total numbers for all 30 NBA teams. As usual, that was an event that drew a great deal of attention from across the league and, from an Atlanta Hawks perspective, the baseline was set at 23.5 victories.

However, different minds see different potential outcomes and the good folks at released their own season win totals over the weekend. This time around, the Hawks landed at 26.5 victories, even if Atlanta remains at No. 30 overall in the pecking order.

It may not seem like much but going from 23.5 to 26.5 is a significant jump and it will be interesting to see where the action/money go when it comes to the Hawks. On the optimistic side, the team should receive theoretical improvement from John Collins and Taurean Prince, coupled with steady veteran production from players like Kent Bazemore and Dewayne Dedmon.

The point guard spot may be the swing position, where Trae Young has off-the-charts talent but rookies don’t always fare well in large samples. Atlanta does have Jeremy Lin, of course, and part of the calculus here (as always) is estimating who will be on the roster throughout the season and how the practical rotation will shake out when October arrives.

The full numbers are listed below, in alphabetical order:

Atlanta Hawks 26.5

Boston Celtics 58.5

Brooklyn Nets 28.5

Charlotte Hornets 35.5

Chicago Bulls 28.5

Cleveland Cavaliers 31.5

Dallas Mavericks 34.5

Denver Nuggets 45.5

Detroit Pistons 40.5

Golden State Warriors 65.5

Houston Rockets 57.5

Indiana Pacers 45.5

Los Angeles Clippers 40.5

Los Angeles Lakers 50.5

Memphis Grizzlies 31.5

Miami Heat 40.5

Milwaukee Bucks 45.5

Minnesota Timberwolves 44.5

New Orleans Pelicans 42.5

New York Knicks 32.5

Oklahoma City Thunder 47.5

Orlando Magic 30.5

Philadelphia 76ers 53.5

Phoenix Suns 27.5

Portland Trail Blazers 42.5

Sacramento Kings 27.5

San Antonio Spurs 44.5

Toronto Raptors 52.5

Utah Jazz 47.5

Washington Wizards 44.5