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Locked on Hawks podcast: Emergency trade reaction with Jeff Siegel

Episode 420 arrives early for a reason.

Atlanta Hawks v Washington Wizards Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Good evening! The Atlanta Hawks made (very) big news on Thursday evening and, as a result, the Locked on Hawks podcast is back sooner than originally scheduled. Jeff Siegel of Early Bird Rights (and, of course, Peachtree Hoops) joins us for Episode 420 and topics include the following:

  • Breaking down the trade involving Dennis Schroder, Carmelo Anthony, Mike Muscala and other pieces
  • Jeff’s thoughts on what the Hawks elected to do in pulling off this maneuver
  • Reflecting on the Schroder/Muscala era and looking ahead to the future
  • Anthony won’t be sticking around
  • Moving on (at least for now) from Jaylen Morris and Antonius Cleveland
  • Looking ahead to the salary cap in the future
  • Much, much more

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