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Atlanta Hawks included as one of four teams to host Trae Young for pre-NBA Draft workout

The polarizing guard is coming to town.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Pittsburgh Practice Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk stated on Tuesday morning that the team was “down to three or four guys” for the No. 3 overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. Just moments later, Oklahoma point guard Trae Young spoke to the assembled media in New York after working out for the Knicks and shared that he has only four pre-draft workouts scheduled.

One of them is with the Hawks.

This will certainly increase the volume of whispers that the Hawks are (very) interested in Young in advance of the draft, particularly when Schlenk at least tangentially noted the possibility of a trade down the board on or before June 21.

Young is perhaps the most polarizing player in this class, with some evaluating him as a potential franchise cornerstone based on his considerable offensive upside, particularly in the area of shot creation and passing. On the flip side, others evaluate Young as a very risky proposition, citing his woeful collegiate defense and a potentially shaky conversion to the NBA level.

At this point, those evaluations may not change much but the Hawks are going to be evaluating Young in person and Atlanta is the only team currently holding a top-five pick that is poised to do so.

Draw your own conclusions.