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NBA Draft 2018: Kevin Huerter selected by Atlanta Hawks with No. 19 pick

Atlanta’s second choice of the evening is here.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Maryland Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Schlenk and the Atlanta Hawks produced fireworks at the top of the 2018 NBA Draft, trading back two spots to receive additional compensation and select Oklahoma guard Trae Young with the No. 3 pick. While the No. 19 pick had no such fanfare, the Hawks invested in Maryland swingman Kevin Huerter.

Huerter is arguably the best shooter still available, though it comes as a mild surprise that the Hawks would select him with Texas A&M big man Robert Williams still available. On the positive side, Huerter’s offensive utility is evident, as he has good size to be able to get his shot off and an effective game when attacking close-outs.

On the flip side, his defensive profile is not overly encouraging, with a neutral wingspan, less than stellar athleticism and a body in need of additional strength. Value-wise, this is a perfectly reasonable investment but, after going offense-first at the top of the draft, the Hawks followed that with a similar choice, leaving plenty to be desired in the area of defense on the perimeter moving forward.

Stay tuned for further analysis.