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NBA Draft 2018: Atlanta Hawks reportedly targeting trade for late lottery pick

No surprise but...

Atlanta Hawks v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Atlanta Hawks own four picks in the 2018 NBA Draft and, while general manager Travis Schlenk has been candid in saying there would be no issue with the team bringing four rookies to training camp, trade discussions have been rumored for some time. On Tuesday evening, Michael Scotto of The Athletic placed firm reporting on those whispers, suggesting that the Hawks could be targeting a late lottery selection.

The Clippers and Nuggets (who are dealing with luxury tax considerations next season) would be natural targets in a move for the Hawks in that a jump from No. 19 to somewhere in the late lottery would be reasonable given Atlanta’s other odds. While it is unclear if only No. 19 and No. 30 would be enough to jump five to seven slots, it is a baseline to consider, especially if a prospect Atlanta values begins to slip on draft night.

Much of the discussion surrounding trade buzz has centered on Oklahoma guard Trae Young, even as the notion that he could fall out of the top 10 seems unlikely. There are other intriguing prospects in the late lottery, though, and the Hawks could find themselves in a situation in which the door to Miles Bridges, Mikal Bridges, Kevin Knox, Robert Williams, Lonnie Walker and others could suddenly be open.

Stay tuned as more information becomes available.