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Trae Young set for individual workout with Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday

The first lottery prospect to work out in Atlanta will do so on Tuesday.

Big 12 Basketball Tournament - First Round Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Earlier in June, Michael Cunningham of the AJC reported that four lottery-level prospects, including a trio of impressive big men, would be working out for the Atlanta Hawks in the coming days. On Tuesday morning, the first such workout will take place, as the Hawks will play host to Oklahoma point guard Trae Young.

Unlike previous workouts including up to six players, Young will work out alone, which is customary for prospects in this tier. While Young is a highly divisive prospect, most agree he is (and should be) bound for the lottery in some capacity, though it would take significant buy-in for the Hawks to consider taking the Big 12 standout with the No. 3 overall pick.

Buzz continues to swirl that Atlanta could, at least in theory, be interested in moving back in the draft. If that came to fruition, Young would be a fairly logical target, especially when considering widespread reporting that includes significant interest on the part of the Hawks. In the same breath, it would be a risk from Atlanta’s front office to trade back with only one player in mind and, even if one would disagree with the notion of selecting Young at No. 3 overall (as I would), there is a case to be made for simply taking “your guy” in that draft slot.

Trae Young’s offensive upside is off the charts and, even if his floor is lower than most (if not all) lottery prospects, the risk-reward conundrum is one that the Hawks will be evaluating closely during Tuesday’s individual workout. Stay tuned.