World Wide Webb

Anthony "Spud" Webb, was an astounding figure in the basketball world. At 5-foot 7-inches, he still holds the record for the shortest standing NBA Dunk Contest champion. Webb spent his career not only getting recognition in the league, but inspiring a lot of younger players to follow their basketball dreams. Spud showed the world you didn’t have to be a towering, almost-7-foot monster to play in the NBA. Because anybody could be of the same caliber if they work for what they’re after. He showed what it meant to put in work and get results. Spud was known all around the NBA community.

He had been ballin’ out from a young age. He could dunk in high school as well. When he was 5-foot 3-inches, he played varsity basketball in high school, and averaged 26 points per game. That's impressive. He continued to ball out his entire career, leading to one of the biggest moments in NBA history, his life, and the childhood of many young aspiring basketball players who heard his name.

He beat his teammate Dominique Wilkins, who stands an entire 13 inches taller. His opponent was nicknamed "The Human Highlight Reel", and he still outworked him despite seemingly miles of height and other size disadvantages. Wilkins had been beaten by the underdog, and was beaten with two 50-point scores.

Proving who he was, despite Spud’s vertically challenged efforts, really made an impact of the world around him. There are a lot of people that look up to him and think about how difficult it must have been to be in his shoes. He achieved something extremely difficult even for those who were naturally better equipped for the task. By never giving up, Webb was able to show the world the importance of having faith in yourself. Without the discipline he showed, he never would have gotten results. Now these results show others what it means to have discipline.

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