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NBA Apparel: New ‘City Edition’ uniforms

Which team has the best City Edition uniform?

Erie Bayhawks v Delaware 87ers Photo by Michael J. LeBrecht II/NBAE via Getty Images

Nike recently released the City Edition Jerseys for each team. These uniforms are made to represent the area where each team is from. Below are the top ten uniforms in the league when it comes to the new line.

10 - Orlando Magic

Of the teams that tried to make a creative design, this uniform was the worst. The only thing I would add to make it better is Mickey Mouse.

9 - Washington Wizards

Even though my dog could come up with this design, at least kids won’t be confused about the location of the Wizards anymore.

8 - Minnesota Timberwolves

These are cool. If they had a cartoon of a wolf devouring its prey, they’d be number one on this list.

7 - Charlotte Hornets

These are just cool, period. Do they make me think of Charlotte, nope.

6 - Pacers

Indiana Speedway. Indiana Pacers. Keep up.

5 - Los Angeles Lakers

These uniforms were designed by Kobe. Kobe has five rings, so they get the number five spot. Plus who wouldn’t want to look like a snake?

4 - Golden State Warriors

The Warriors did the best job at producing a uniform that actually paid tribute to their city. So why aren’t they number one? Simply put. Not cool enough.

3 - Utah Jazz

The Jazz don’t really have a City to represent, so they chose to represent the entire state of Utah. These uniforms are a nod to the National Parks in Utah. Although their arena is like half a day away from the area they chose to represent.

2 - Atlanta Hawks

I mean who else would we put here? This is a Hawks site.

1 - Delaware 87ers

Erie Bayhawks v Delaware 87ers Photo by Michael J. LeBrecht II/NBAE via Getty Images

Okay, so the 87ers aren’t in the NBA, but these SpongeBob Uniforms get the top spot on our City Edition Jersey list. Who wouldn’t want to represent Bikini Bottom? The 76ers could definetly take some advice from their G League team.