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Q&A with Pounding The Rock: What can Atlanta Hawks fans expect from Dewayne Dedmon?

Joining forces with our friends on the Spurs side to discuss Atlanta’s new big man.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks inked a two-year contract with former San Antonio Spurs big man Dewayne Dedmon earlier in the summer and there has been a lot of intrigue about the fit. With that in mind, we reached out to Walker Bailey of SB Nation’s Pounding The Rock about Dedmon’s time in San Antonio and what Hawks fans can expect from Dedmon upon arrival.

Q: There is been a lot made about the connection between Atlanta and San Antonio and Dedmon has cited it in his introductory comments. What kind of fit was he with the Spurs?

A: He was one of San Antonio’s "diamond in the rough" type of finds. He was great defensively for about 75 percent of the year but kind of fell off towards the end of the season.

Q: Obviously, the Spurs had a couple of quality veteran bigs in LaMarcus Aldridge and Pau Gasol but Dedmon started about half of the team's games yet averaged only 17.5 minutes per contest. Is there something in his game that might lend itself more to a bench role or do you think he could stretch his workload a bit without faltering?

A: The problem with Dedmon was always the fact that he was terrible about getting himself into foul trouble. Dedmon's relentless fouling was most of the reason he didn't play extended minutes and he also wasn't much of a plus on the offensive end.

Q: Much has been made of his potential defensive impact, but what should Hawks fans expect from Dedmon on the offensive end of the floor?

A: Hawks fans should expect a lot of the same as what they got from Dwight Howard (editor’s note: or at least what they wanted from Howard). One element that he seemed to work on was a short mid range jumper. He could become a plus on the offensive end with proper development.

Q: Going back to defense, is Dedmon an impact defender or rather one that is simply solid and effective on that end?

A: Dedmon is an impact defender. He blocks shots and players often don't score when they attack the rim against him. As I said earlier, the problem with Dedmon is him getting into foul trouble.

Q: Seeing the contract that Dedmon received, were you surprised at all that he received so little (or so much)?

A: With Dedmon, I wasn't surprised by the contract at all. He's a guy who right now isn't very good offensively but Is a great defender. He got paid for his defense and Atlanta will have to tap into some of his offensive upside.

Q: Upside is always a fun word and it is one that has been thrown around with Dedmon. Do you see that in his game given that he was a late bloomer or is he already what he will be?

Offensively, I think that Dedmon can grow with his back to the basket moves as well as a mid range jump shot. I believe Dedmon could be a great "dirty work" type of player while Atlanta rebuilds for the future. Defensively, it's hard to see Dedmon improving in any way other than maturity and staying on the floor by avoiding fouls.