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Dewayne Dedmon is “looking forward to” partnership with Dennis Schröder

A functioning pick-and-roll partnership would be helpful.

NBA: Playoffs-Atlanta Hawks at Washington Wizards Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The much-anticipated partnership between Dennis Schröder and Dwight Howard in the pick-and-roll never fully materialized a year ago. Yes, there were moments of brilliance but, in the grand scheme, the two never developed the high-end chemistry (or willingness to engage) that would have greatly aided the offense.

While that is “old news” at this point, Schröder has a new potential pick-and-roll partner in the form of Dewayne Dedmon and the new big man is ready to get started. Dedmon caught up with the good folks at and expressed excitement about his partner-in-crime.

“I'm definitely looking forward to playing with Dennis,” Dedmon said. “He's a great point guard. I like his game. I like the way he plays. It's a great young team. Playing against them... everybody plays hard, everybody shows up to work.”

While this is, quite obviously, not an in-depth answer by any means, it does shine a light on things that Dedmon chose Schröder as the player he was most looking forward to playing with on the current roster. An argument could (easily) be made that Schröder is the best current player on the roster but the working relationship between the point guard and a pick-and-roll center will be pivotal.

Dedmon’s offensive upside is uncertain at this point but he is both athletic and capable of finishing around the rim. Questions with his hands are real and, frankly, Schröder’s ability as a facilitator hasn’t fully surfaced but, provided Dedmon is willing to roll hard to the rim, the young point guard will have an option that he didn’t always have in 2016-2017.

When asked what strengths he brings to the table, Dedmon indicated that “bringing energy, playing hard every day, blocking shots and giving the fans something to cheer about” came to mind. If he can simply do those things, the investment on Atlanta’s side will be a sound one and the situation will help Schröder in the process.