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A glance at Nike’s new NBA uniforms

Why is everyone raging about Nike’s new uniforms?

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Earlier this week, Nike released new details regarding their NBA uniforms. Main points of this release include the death of traditional ‘home’ and ‘away’ jerseys, and the birth of four new core uniforms. Each franchise will get to pick which uniform they will designate as their home uniform for the entire season, and away teams will then choose a contrasting uniform each night.

Core 1/Association Edition: This is the new name for each team’s white uniforms. Basically Nike had to make sure every team had at least one uniform that would contrast any other color.

Core 2/Icon Edition: This edition is essentially the new ‘away’ jersey, but is made to represent each team’s unique identity and heritage.

Core 3: A uniform inspired by the Athlete’s Mindset.

Core 4: A uniform inspired by the Community.

Classic Edition: I know I said their were only four uniforms, but eight teams - not yet announced - will be given a fifth uniform this season. Classic Edition uniforms will be inspired by iconic uniforms worn in NBA history.

The technology in these uniforms was inspired by Nike’s Aeroswift line, and then perfected through player feedback. The material is made from recycled polyester (or 20 plastic water bottles per uniform) and is said to wick sweat 30% faster than previous designs.

Yesterday, Brian Begley uploaded designs of possible uniforms for each franchise, and the internet loved it. Below is his design for the Atlanta Hawks. To view all of his designs, check out his Instagram.

To voice your opinion on which uniforms you’d like to see the Hawks wear for home games, you can participate in their poll on Twitter.