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NBA Free Agency 2017: Paul Millsap reportedly set to meet with Denver Nuggets

Paul has a meeting this evening.

Atlanta Hawks v Denver Nuggets Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Atlanta Hawks power forward Paul Millsap reportedly lost suitors in the Phoenix Suns and Minnesota Timberwolves on Saturday afternoon. However, the pursuit of Millsap in free agency has reportedly heightened for the Denver Nuggets and that includes a meeting in Atlanta on Saturday evening.

Beyond, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN brings word that Nuggets shooting guard Gary Harris is a part of the traveling party that will meet with Millsap.

Denver has long been a reported destination for Millsap, especially given what appears to be a perfect frontcourt fit alongside Nikola Jokic. Still, the big question is just how much money (and how many years) the Nuggets are willing to offer to the 32-year-old All-Star forward.

In addition, it appears that the Sacramento Kings, who have been rumored as a suitor, are on the outside looking in for Millsap.

Information continues to fly around at a moment’s notice but we will continue to update the Paul Millsap news throughout the evening. Stay tuned.