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NBA Free Agency 2017: Paul Millsap reportedly loses prime suitors

The market appears to be narrowing for Paul Millsap.

Atlanta Hawks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Fans of the Atlanta Hawks are tracking the Paul Millsap free agency news with interest. At this point, it seems to remain very unlikely that he will return to the Hawks but, according the Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, one of the potential landing spots has been eliminated.

The Phoenix Suns were one of the most strongly rumored teams to be in pursuit of Millsap, despite the fact that they offered little if any opportunity to play on a competitive team in an increasingly loaded Western Conference.

From there, further confirmation arrived from David Aldridge of that the Suns appear to be moving on from the possibility of signing Millsap.

Then, the notion of the Wolves took a hit.

Lastly, the Sacramento Kings appear to be weakening as a possibility.

Now, the Denver Nuggets appear to be the team with the most likely chance of landing Millsap at this point. Hawks fans still hoping for a Millsap return to Atlanta should probably not get their hopes up any higher with this news.

With that said, sign and trade opportunities could take shape depending upon a given Denver’s ability (or that of another team) to move the salary to create the cap space needed to accommodate his contract. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available in the coming hours.