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Peachtree Hoops update: A farewell and a reintroduction

A changing of the guard, if you will.

Los Angeles Lakers v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In just a few hours, the 2017-2018 NBA league year will begin and it seems like the perfect time for an announcement. The Atlanta Hawks are in a period of transition, at least to some degree, and that also applies to Peachtree Hoops.

The great Kris Willis, who captained the site for many years, fired his final post as the site’s manager last week and, before we go any further, the entire Hawks community owes him a debt of gratitude. It is quite difficult, especially with full-time work and a family life elsewhere, to navigate the pot holes of operating a site like this and Kris, along with Jason Walker and others before that, has done a phenomenal job.

At some point, Kris might return to weigh in on all things Hawks and the door remains wide open for that as long as my name is on the masthead. He’s the person that brought me on to Peachtree Hoops and I owe him immensely for his leadership, friendship and tutelage as my writing pseudo-career has emerged.

With that said, I am now the site manager of Peachtree Hoops.

This has been an open secret for the past few days but, as of July 1, it’s official and I’m excited. I’ve been around for a couple of years at this point and many, many words have flowed as a result. In fact, I wrote just five weeks ago about why I became a die-hard Atlanta Hawks fan and, even as the shift has happened between pure fan and semi-professional writer, the passion burns for the organization and the future.

We have a fantastic staff in place, some of which have been around for a number of years and some of which are very new. The overall mission will be to cover the Atlanta Hawks in a comprehensive way that is unlike anything else on the internet today and I believe that can certainly be achieved moving forward.

We’re going to have fun. We’re going to bring analysis that might be critical. We’re going to look at things from multiple angles. We’re going to cover the salary cap. I’m on Twitter. We’re on Twitter. We’re on Facebook. We’re going to be here.

There will be plenty of time for reflection on where we’ve been and where we’re going but, for now, NBA free agency is here and that will keep us plenty busy.

Thanks to Kris. Thanks to Jason. Thanks to Bret LaGree. Thanks to HawksDawgs. Thanks to our staff. Most importantly, thanks to YOU for reading, listening, interacting and consuming the Atlanta Hawks in a way that only fans can.

Let’s do this together. Stay tuned.