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Why is Paul Milsap Wearing Gloves?

POWERHANDZ anti-grip gloves

Anytime anywhere! #AI #goat #progressing #handlelife #powerhandz

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Two days ago, Paul Milsap posted this video of himself dribbling in front of an Allen Iverson video. In the post, Milsap is wearing POWERHANDZ anti-grip sport gloves, and these gloves will (maybe) eventually let Milsap have handles as good as AI.

POWERHANDZ is a company whose focus is primarily on making gloves to help athletes succeed at various sports. Along with the gloves, POWERHANDZ makes several other athletic training products, such as dribbling arches and pop up defenders.

The gloves that Milsap features in the video are anti-grip sports gloves. The idea is that practicing with less grip will increase the player’s ball feel and overall control; making it easier to control the ball at game speed.

POWERHANDZ used to sell anti-grip ball covers for people who didn’t want to wear gloves. While the covers are no longer available, you can always find some plastic bags and tie them around the basketball for a similar anti-grip experience.