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Atlanta Hawks offered four first-round picks for Paul George, per report

That is certainly an aggressive trade package.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Atlanta Hawks John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

In the immediate aftermath of the 2017 trade deadline, word broke that the Atlanta Hawks reportedly offered “aggressive” trade packages for both Chicago Bulls swingman Jimmy Butler and Indiana Pacers forward Paul George. For the most part, that was seen as more of a peripheral nugget in the swarm of trade talks surrounding both All-Stars but, on Thursday, an interesting addendum came to light.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN brings word that the package put forth for Paul George was, indeed, quite aggressive and specifics are below.

Several teams made trade offers for George in February, including the Atlanta Hawks, who offered four first-round picks in exchange for him.

In terms of useful information for the future, this isn’t exactly groundbreaking, simply because George’s asking price would almost have to be lower with only one year left on his current contract. Still, the notion that the Hawks offered four first-round picks in exchange for his services does speak to something in terms of mindset for Atlanta.

It should be noted that the Hawks do own two first-round picks acquired through trades and both are protected. Those selections come from the Minnesota Timberwolves (lottery protected as early as 2018) and Cleveland Cavaliers (top-10 protected as early as 2019) but, even if both were included, the package would have to include at least two of Atlanta’s own picks.

What we don’t know is how heavily (if at all) protected those picks were in the proposed offer or how close the Hawks actually came to getting something done. Still, it does shine a light on the fact that Atlanta is at least thinking in terms of adding star power and putting together elaborate trade proposals in support of that idea.

The Hawks are at a bit of a crossroads during the 2017 offseason and things could go in a number of directions. Just three months ago, though, one of those possibilities was apparently a mortgaging of the future farm in an attempt to land Paul George.