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Not Your Average Review: BBB Z02

Here’s a closer look at Lonzo Ball’s first (and controversial) signature sneaker.

NCAA Basketball: Washington State at UCLA Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend, Big Baller Brand released it’s first signature sneaker for Lonzo Ball, the Z02. The shoe is available to pre-order, but won’t ship out until November 2017. Due to this, I am writing this review having never seen the Z02 in person, but it seems as though there might be only one pair currently in existence. The picture in the tweet below was the Ball family’s first public appearance after releasing the shoe.


The Z02 is made to be a performance basketball shoe. Featured technology in this shoe, as described on the BBB website, includes OrthoLite insoles and a full bed of shock absorbent material.

These shoes look heavy, and their featured technology reinforces that look. OrthoLite makes insoles that are essentially used in every other shoe (i.e. they partner with both Nike and Adidas), and no one really knows what their shock absorbent material is made out of. Needless to say, we still have no idea who is making these shoes, except we do know that they’re not being made by the foremost sneaker designers in the world.

Big Baller Brand Website


Without the hype, these shoes aren’t really that cool. They look like a rip off of about 10 other sneakers (Kobes, Boost, And1, HyperDunks, etc.). It would be hard to wear this shoe casually because no one really wants to wear yellow.

With the hype, these shoes are still horrible. Now not only would you be wearing a not very cool ripoff sneaker, but now you also had to pay at least $495 to wear it, and the whole internet is aware of your bad purchase decision.

Overall Opinion

Don’t buy these shoes, period. They are not good performance wise, and even if they were, you would still be able to buy 2-3 pairs of any other shoe for the same cost. The technology featured in this shoe is either fake or nonexistent. Anyone who wears this sneaker in public is basically making a statement that they are willing to throw away $495 to insure that everybody knows they are a Big Baller.