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Ten Things About the NBA: The Slow Footed White Guy Edition

Phil has ten things he wants you to know about the NBA....and thankfully it isn’t all about LaVar Ball

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Los Angeles Clippers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavs and Thunder Are Lottery Teams Without Lebron James and Russell Westbrook

You think it would be obvious to anyone claiming to know anything about the Cavs but a few months ago I attempted to explain to a couple of Cavs bloggers that without LeBron James the Cavs would be a lottery team. They responded with the typical “LOL” and “absurd”. I just laughed it off and never gave it another thought until this excellent article hit cyberspace.

I was laughing then and I’m laughing now…..and not a peep in response from my pals LOL.

I really missed the Thunder this season. I thought they were a lottery team with Westbrook. Kudus to him and as a reward I won’t refer to Westbrook as Urkel for at least one week!

Does any of that solid info change my MVP vote? Nope.

Even a Blind Squirrel Finds an Acorn

The Brooklyn Nets are a sorry franchise but one thing this team is halfway decent at is shooting as evidenced by their 55.4 percent True Shooting percentage this season. On Tuesday night they outdid themselves and did something that hasn’t been done in 34 seasons!

The San Antonio Spurs Dynasty

In case you hadn’t noticed the San Antonio Spurs are pretty good. 20 consecutive seasons in the playoffs is quite an accomplishment. This past week the Spurs reached 60 wins for the 6th time in franchise history. Check out the heady company the Spurs organization is in these days.

There Still is only One Ball in Golden State (and none of them are slow footed)

Remember what some folks were saying when the Warriors messed up their team signed Kevin Durant? Two things really; that they had no rim protection and there was only one ball.

Well, the Warriors proved everyone wrong in both departments. They lead the NBA in blocked shots by a WIDE margin and just look at their assist totals.

While that is clearly impressive what they’ve also done this season is equally impressive.

The scary part is this; as explosive as their offense is they also boast the League’s second best defense. The Warriors are going to be trouble in a couple of weeks.

Blame it On the White Guys

LaVar Ball is a no talent wannabe trying to live off his bi-racial son’s talent. And as typical of no talent wannabe’s Ball has decided to make excuses for his son blaming the UCLA Bruins loss on a hamstring issue as well as the “three white guys” who couldn’t pick up the slack.

At least he spared the white coach but he still needs Steve Alford so that should come as no surprise.

Maybe he should blame his white wife too; it was probably her genes that led to their son’s hamstring issue.

Because it could never be his meal tickets fault.

Realistically speaking you can’t win a NCAA Championship with one of LaVar Ball’s sons on your team. Especially when his son gets spanked by a much better player like De’Aaron Fox.

Come to think of it watching Fox made Ball look like one of those slow footed white guys just a couple of weeks ago.

You’d think Ball could at least come up with something a little more original than that tired lame blame it on whitey excuse. Even homeless guys in Akron Ohio use that one.

Watch a bunch of slow footed white guys school wannabe Ball at basketball

Guess you can’t win a rec league championship with LaVar Ball on your squad either.

LeBron James doesn’t Dominate the Atlanta Hawks

I did this research the other day and thought my Hawks peeps would love this.

I wonder if Boston Celtics point guard so the above graphic before he shot his mouth off on Tuesday? Probably not but it really doesn’t matter as history repeated itself and James went off for 36-10-6. Yikes!

Your Atlanta Hawks aren’t on this list…….they only allow James to average a paltry 27.6 points per game. That means it will be up to Kyrie Irving to pick up James on Friday night at Quicken Loans Arena.

BTW: Irving averages 24.4 and six assists for his career against the Hawks so keep an eye on the Dennis Schroder/Irving matchup tonight!

Sir Foster in the Spotlight

Phillips Arena is one of the few NBA Arenas that I haven’t been to yet. It is on my bucket list and one of the reasons for wanting to visit is Hawks Organist/DJ Sir Foster. Marc Stein did a nice piece on him that I commend to your reading.

Wonder if he knows any Patsy Cline?

J.J. Redick Heating Up (Another slow footed white guy)

No one has benefited more from the return of Chris Paul than J.J. Redick. Over the past week Redick has knocked down 19-31 three point attempts for 61 percent from behind the arc….check out some of his highlights from this week.

Derrick Jones Jr Get’s Up

Phoenix Suns rookie Derrick Jones Jr is one of several young Suns players worth watching……as is this nice play against the Warriors this week!

Tristan Thompson’s 447 Consecutive Games Played Streak Ends

On the 10th of February 2012 Tristan Thompson entered a game for the Cleveland Cavaliers and played in EVERY single game since then until he missed Wednesday night’s game against the Celtics.

Considering he has teammates that need to sit on the bench and drink coffee or coach that feat is remarkable!