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2017 Hawks Throwback Uniforms

What’s up with the Hawks’ blue uniforms?

NBA: Miami Heat at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016-17 Atlanta Hawks’ alternative throwback uniforms exhibit a blue and green color scheme. These jerseys take us back to the early 1970’s, aka the Pistol Pete era. The predominately blue uniform would have been the Hawks’ away uniform in the 1970s.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks
Jan 13, 2017: Terry Rozier (12) and Dennis Schroder (17)
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Bottom line, these throwbacks are cool. The design is fun, the lines are clean, and they look essentially the same as they did in the 1970’s (minus the extremely short and tight shorts). These are simply everything we want in a retro uniform.

The Hawks played their first game in these throwback uniforms on Friday, January 13th, against the Celtics and again versus the Heat on February 24th. The Hawks ended up losing both of these games. So although they might look sweet, they are extremely unlucky and should never be worn again this season.

NBA: Miami Heat at Atlanta Hawks
Feb 24, 2017: Paul Millsap (4) and James Johnson (16)
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This isn’t the first time Atlanta has used the Pistol Pete Maravich jerseys as an alternate uniform. In 2003, the Hawks played in a predominately green version, that would have been similar to the Hawks home uniform in the 1970’s.

Pistons v Hawks
2003: Shareef Abdur-Rahim (3)