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Locked on Hawks podcast: Paul Millsap, Kent Bazemore and more

Adi Joseph of USA Today joins the program for Episode 160.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning! The Atlanta Hawks enjoyed an off day on Tuesday in the aftermath of a loss in San Antonio. The Locked on Hawks podcast, though, did no such thing and Adi Joseph of USA Today joined the program to discuss a wide range of topics for Wednesday’s episode. Topics for Episode 160 include the following:

  • Paul Millsap is awesome and we all know it, but Adi weighs in on the kind of company that the All-Star power forward keeps among the best in the NBA
  • Should the Hawks be investing in Millsap long-term? What is a reasonable deal for Atlanta if they elect to pursue it?
  • Adi’s impressions on Dwight Howard and how the experiment has gone this season
  • Realistic expectations and a rosy outlook on Kent Bazemore
  • The chances that the Hawks could advance beyond round one of the Eastern Conference Playoffs
  • Much, much more

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