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Ten Things About the NBA: Knicks, Nowitzki, Draymond and More

Phil has ten things from this past week that might interest you

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Another NBA week has passed by. Plenty happened; far more than I had the time for so here are ten things I figured might interest you this week!

Dirk Nowitzki Reaches 30,000 Points

Tuesday night Dirk Nowitzki reached a milestone that only five other NBA players (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain) have reached by hitting his trademark fade away jumper.

I’m a big fan of Nowitzki. I wasn’t always but he won me over. I used to rip the daylights out of him on my radio show DAILY. I thought he was a “typical” European big man; a pussy soft with no heart. Boy was I wrong about him.

Draymond not liking the New York Knicks No Music First Half

This past Sunday the New York Knicks decided to have a throwback to the old days and didn’t allow music to be played at all during the first half of Sunday’s game with the Golden State Warriors.

Golden State Warriors mouth that roared Draymond Green didn’t like it much.

I’ve been watching Knicks games for over 45 years. In that time I have watched my fair share of Sunday noon starts at the Garden and the first half of these games are generally sluggish and sloppy. You can come to your own conclusion as to why that is.

The lack of music didn’t ruin the flow of the game. The lack of music isn’t what made that game ridiculous. Not playing music wasn’t being disrespectful to anyone or insulting anyone’s legacy.

And for what it’s worth; I was more pissed when Knicks owner James Dolan told the Knicks City Dancers they were not going to be dancing at the end of the 2013 season. That’s because I am a man.

There was plenty of music in the three overtime games the Warriors have lost this season……and there damn sure was plenty of music in the NBA Finals last season.

I don’t know about you but all the excuses by the Warriors in general and Green in particular is beginning to wear thin on me.

Mark Cuban says Westbrook not in the mix for NBA MVP

Poor Urkel. This past week Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban said the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook is not an MVP candidate. He even gave his reasons as to why Westbrook is not in the mix for MVP. Just one day before Welcome to Loud City Managing Editor J.A. Sherman joined me to discuss the MVP race plus Coach of the Year and KIA Rookie of the Year…..and you can listen here.

The Celtics OWN Golden State…… Golden State

Over the past two seasons the Boston Celtics have a road record of 40-36. That’s not too shabby. Especially when you consider boy wonder Head Coach Brad Stevens and the Celtics have yet to win a playoff series during this time frame. Too bad they aren’t in the West and playing the Golden State Warriors……check out the graph below!!

Maybe they don’t play music during these games?

Mike Francesa and Women Head Coaches in the NBA

The most difficult part of being a live radio host is taking callers questions. It’s hard to prepare for everything and sometimes you get questions that maybe you aren’t ready for. Listen as WFAN Broadcasting legend Mike Francesa answers a question about women as Head Coach of a NBA team.

He caught ten kinds of hell for his answer and decided to “explain” himself more fully;

The reaction was ridiculous but it usually is whenever Francesa shares his opinions on things.

Last time I checked Francesa wasn’t the Owner or General Manager of an NBA team so why all the outrage?

I get what Francesa is trying to say; I wrote about this very thing nearly two summers ago so you know where I stand on this.

Do you think there will be a woman Head Coach in the NBA and if so where do you think this will happen first?

Top Points Allowed Among the Possible Playoff Teams

If you can keep folks from scoring you have a great chance to succeed in the NBA. If the playoffs were to begin today this is how the top 16 teams would rank in points allowed.

1). Utah Jazz 96.2

2). San Antonio Spurs 98.5

3). Memphis Grizzlies 100.5

4). Detroit Pistons 102.3

5). Chicago Bulls 103.1

6). Toronto Raptors 103.8

7). Atlanta Hawks 104.7

8). Los Angeles Clippers 104.9

9). Boston Celtics 105.3

10). Golden State Warriors 105.3

11). Indiana Pacers 105.8

12). Washington Wizards 106.1

13). Oklahoma City Thunder 106.5

14). Cleveland Cavaliers 106.5

15). Houston Rockets 108.4

16). Denver Nuggets 111.4

Now let’s look at the past five seasons and how many points the eventual champion allowed per regular season game.

2016: Cleveland Cavaliers 98.3 (4th)

2015: Golden State 99.0 (15th)

2014: San Antonio Spurs 97.6 (6th)

2013: Miami Heat 95.0 (5th)

2012: Miami Heat 92.5 (4th)

In the last five seasons the NBA Champion held their opponents to under 100 points a game. I’m starting to like the Spurs more and more to win it all this season.

Shut Down Chandler Parsons?

This past summer the Memphis Grizzlies spent a ton of money to acquire Free Agent Chandler Parsons. Parsons was supposed to be the perimeter threat the Grizzlies were lacking.

It hasn’t gone well for Parsons in Memphis. Injuries and hand holding “resting” have limited Parsons to just 33 games and just 19 minutes per game when he does take the court. On this week’s Beyond the Arc Memphis Flyer reporter Kevin Lipe and I discuss whether or not it would be in the interest of both parties to just shut him down.

Sabonis Gets Nasty Thursday Night

Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Domantas Sabonis may have hit a rookie wall. He also lost his starting spot to Taj Gibson. This dunk on Thursday night over San Antonio Spurs center Dwayne Dedmon was still pretty sweet.

The Suns Gorilla

The best part of watching Phoenix Suns games isn’t watching Devin Booker or Eric Bledsoe. Nor is it watching young power forward Marquese Chriss. Ok, they are okay but there is no other mascot in the NBA like the Suns Gorilla. Watch him do a Pete Rose right in the middle of the game!!

Oh. This also happened in that game.

Andrew Bogut’s 59 Second Cleveland Cavaliers Career

Dang that was fast. I’ll be curious as to who GM LeBron James David Griffin replaces Bogut with.