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2017 NBA All Star Uniforms

The most boring NBA All Star uniforms in history

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Rendering of LeBron James on NBA 2K17

The 2017 NBA All Star game will be held in New Orleans on February 19th, and will be the 66th all star game to take place. Originally the game was going to be in Charlotte, NC, but was moved due to their controversial anti-LGBT+ law. The uniforms for this year's game have a cleaner look than they have in the past and feature less intricate details, which may be due to this location switch.

The French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.
The French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The main colors for this year’s uniforms are gray (East) and black (West). These colors combined with white and yellow font outlines are to represent New Orleans’ French-inspired ironwork and are the only detail about the city featured on the uniform. Secondary colors for the East include white and blue, while the secondary colors for the West are red, gray, and yellow. Both jerseys have red and blue lining the underarm and back.

For the second consecutive year, the NBA has allowed Kia’s logo to be featured on the left shoulder of the uniform. The adidas logo has been placed on the right shoulder and light adidas strips are featured under the player’s name.

For the most part these uniforms are just plain boring. Yes, they are toned down from previous NBA All Star gear, but the font looks like WordArt from 1993 Microsoft Word, and there is only one (boring) attribute to New Orleans. Not only that, but the colors are inconsistent. While the East’s uniform’s white font lining is the same as the shoulders, the West’s gold font lining is different from its gray shoulder. I mean, let’s at least be consistent and color the West’s shoulders gold. For these reasons I won’t be rocking these on NBA 2K17 or giving them 5 out of 5 stars.