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10 Things About the NBA: The Week 14 Edition

Phil has ten things like Twitter Wars and such to make you smile INCLUDING Tim Hardaway Jr and Dwight Howard highlights from Thursday’s win over Houston!!

NBA: Playoffs-Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This has been a fascinating week in the NBA. Between TNT Wars to Twitter Spats there is plenty to talk about. Here are ten things I know you will like from Week 14 of the NBA season!

LeBron James and Charles Barkley

Think about it; you are an NBA marketing executive trying to figure out how to divert attention away from the Super Bowl. Then along comes Charles Barkley ripping LeBron James. Check out what the “Round Mound of Rebound” had to say about James.

It needs to be said that no one was talking about any of this until James responded to Barkley. Two days later LeBron James had the opportunity to respond and he did just that.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for where LeBron James began his life to where he is now. He’s the best basketball player on the planet and living proof that anything is possible.

What I don’t get is how Charles Barkley offering an opinion shared by many is going to hurt James legacy. And especially when Barkley is opining on what LeBron James actually says and does while in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform.

James response to Barkley was incredible. It was far too personal and failed to address any of the complaints Barkley and others made about James. Specifically that he seems to be throwing his teammates under the bus when he publicly demands for “help”.

I hate to break it to James but the only one harming his “legacy” would be him.

As luck would have it Barkley and the rest of the TNT crew discussed all of this Thursday night.....and because we tell you the full story around these parts here it is!

The Best Starting Lineup in the Eastern Conference Is?

You were guessing Cleveland, right? The Toronto Raptors? Nope. The best starting five in terms of efficiency in the Eastern Conference is the Washington Wizards. The top ten in the East goes something like this (2016-2016 rankings in parentheses);

1). Washington Wizards (6)

2). Cleveland Cavaliers (1)

3). Indiana Pacers (4)

4). Boston Celtics (9)

5). Toronto Raptors (8)

6). Charlotte Hornets (10)

7). Chicago Bulls (11)

8). Detroit Pistons (7)

9). Atlanta Hawks (3)

10). Milwaukee Bucks (5)

Leonard and Aldridge are Tough to Beat

The San Antonio Spurs have reached 19 consecutive playoffs and unless the world ends will make it 20 straight this season. When Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge each score 25 points or more the Spurs are 9-0 over the last two seasons.

Are the Philadelphia 76ers Playoff Bound?

January saw the Philadelphia 76ers win ten games. That was the first time the 76ers have won ten games in a calendar month since January of 2012.

Joel ‘The Process” Embiid is thinking about this season’s playoffs. Specifically he believes the 76ers reaching one of the top eight seeds in the east. We talk about this on my show this week (plus a TON of NBA talk).

Like Father Like Son

Wednesday night prior to the Charlotte Hornets Golden State Warriors game Stephen Curry threw father Dell Curry a pass…..and watch what Dell did next

Wonder if he called bank?

Later that night son Stephen went wild hitting eleven three pointers and you can watch every single one of them below.

The Best Starting Lineup in the West is;

The top ten in the West goes something like this (2016-2016 rankings in parentheses);

1). Golden State (2)

2). Utah Jazz (5)

3). Minnesota Timberwolves (7)

4). Houston Rockets (6)

5). Los Angeles Clippers (4)

6). San Antonio Spurs (3)

7). Oklahoma City Thunder (1)

8). Portland Trail Blazers (9)

9). Memphis Grizzlies (11)

10). New Orleans Pelicans (14)

Isaiah Thomas for MVP?

There is plenty of talk about the job Boston Celtics PG Isaiah Thomas has done this season. To say he’s been anything short of fantastic is an understatement. When you average 29 and six with three triples a night in the National Basketball Association you belong in the MVP conversation. When your team is second in the East and just a couple games behind the defending Champion Cavaliers and you are the leader of your team you should have your name mentioned.

As much as I would love to see Thomas win I don’t think he will. Russell Westbrook and James Harden seem to be the front runners for MVP. I think you could also include LeBron James to the mix. I wish it were either Kawhi Leonard or Chris Paul. At least they both play defense. Although his defensive numbers are down James sometimes plays defense also. The other three and especially Thomas seem to be allergic to defense.

Stay tuned for more of this type of chatter.

Chandler Parsons C.J. McCollum Twitter Feud

Twitter seems to be the venue of choice for players to take shots at one another. Check out this Tweet and the chaon of comments that followed

Then have a listen to me go off on Portland, their fans, McCollum and just about everyone connected with this foolishness

No Zach LaVine for a Threepeat?

The past two seasons Minnesota Timberwolves SG Zach LaVine has won the Slam Dunk Contest; he’s decided to skip the 2017 Contest in his words because “there’s no reason to go back and out-do myself “. I can respect that decision but somehow I think part of it was he didn’t want to officially lose to Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon… he unofficially did in 2016!

Tim Hardaway Jr Goes off Against the Houston Rockets

Just 24 hours after a pathetic performance against the Miami Heat the Atlanta Hawks found themselves in the fourth quarter down 20 points. Just as I thought Coach Mike Budenholzer was going to throw the towel in like he did against the Heat Tim Hardaway Jr went off for 23 of his 33 points. You can watch his highlights below!

and not to be outdone Dwight Howard had a nice game also....and here are his highlights

See.....even though I wish neither of these two were on the Hawks I always give them there props! Thankfully it doesn’t happen to often :-)

Have a great week!