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Deron Williams could be buyout target for Atlanta Hawks, per report

The Hawks could be in the market for a former All-Star.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Dallas Mavericks Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

After moving on from Mike Scott and swapping Tiago Splitter’s contract in a deal for Ersan Ilyasova, the Atlanta Hawks have two open roster spots to play with for the remainder of the 2016-2017 season. One reported need for the organization comes in the form of a third point guard and, on Thursday afternoon, word broke that the Hawks could be interested in former All-Star point guard Deron Williams.

At the time of this report, Williams remains a member of the Dallas Mavericks but Mark Cuban’s team has little incentive to keep him on the roster moving forward. With that in mind, there are other potentially more attractive destinations for Williams if he seeks a championship possibility (cough, Cleveland, cough) but he would be an intriguing fit in Atlanta.

Gone are the days when Williams was an elite player at the position, but he would present an upgrade on Malcolm Delaney if he desired to come to Atlanta. Keep in mind, though, that the Hawks have only minimum exceptions to offer, leaving them with very little in terms of bargaining chips to entice Williams or other high-end buyout candidates.

Stay tuned.