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Ten Things About the NBA: The Week 15 Edition: The Knicks Have Unraveled

Knicks fan Phil Naessens is angry with his he right to be?

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well here we go….another week in the NBA has come and gone. The NBA is like no other professional sport as there is always something to discuss both in season and out. Here are ten things I think might interest you from week 15 of the NBA season.

Drama, Drama and More Drama.

I swear if this keeps up I’m gonna rename this posting to “As the NBA Turns” as this season has seemed to take on a soap opera feel.

Cleveland Cavaliers General Manager/Coach LeBron James referred to NY Daily News writer Frank Isola as “trash” for daring to write a column claiming that James wanted Kevin Love traded to the New York Knicks for Carmelo Anthony.

Of course James denied the claims made in Isola’s column but did he have to get personal? More importantly why is James so dang personal when dealing with people who don’t see eye to eye with him?

Me thinks James protests a bit too much.

No One in a Million for Me

There comes a point where I just wish James would shut the hell up and stick to this.

Wonder if he called “bank”?

Apparently John Wall was less than impressed referring to that circus shot as a “one in a million” to which James shot back “not for me it isn’t…..I LOVE that LeBron James!

NBA Says Cool it on Social Media

I’m not a big fan of Twitter. I wasn’t a fan of the NBA teams using their Twitter accounts to smack talk NBA players. 130 pound nerds who probably don’t break a sweat when they masturbate smack talking professional athletes should be reserved for the fans who actually buy a ticket….and take the risk of getting knocked out by the athlete they are mocking.

The NBA seems to agree with some of my sentiments……..and I LIKE it!

Charles Oakley

As a Knicks fan I loved watching Charles Oakley play; he was rough, tough and played every second like it was his last. He WAS New York Knicks basketball and was a perfect fit for the style of play Pat Riley felt was necessary to win NBA Championships. Those Knicks teams never did win the big one but I loved them dearly…..and I was horrified at what happened on Wednesday night in the Garden.

There are no words for this. There also aren’t excuses to make for this either. Oakley has been a very vocal critic of the Knicks in general and Knicks Owner James Dolan in particular but this is just too much.

The Knicks should be ashamed of themselves for how they treat former Knicks greats like Charles Oakley. The Knicks should be ashamed of themselves for never even considering Patrick Ewing for a Head Coaching position.

I better stop before I get Kris into trouble.

Paul Pierce Says Goodbye to Boston

Last Sunday former Boston Celtics great and current Los Angeles Clippers waste of a roster space Shooting Guard Paul Pierce played his final game in Boston. The ceremony was very touching and it even brought a tear or two to Pierce’s eyes. Then the Celtics players decided to do this;

That was a nice gesture. Glad I didn’t bet on this one or I would have been pissed.

Phil Jackson’s Passive Aggressive Tweet

Ok. I promised to stop but it’s been an embarrassing week for my Knicks. It’s been an embarrassing week for Knicks fans. It’s been an entertaining week for NBA fans and it all began with Knicks GM Phil Jackson and this cryptic tweet;

As always there is an explanation for all of this.

As a Knicks fan I was against bringing Carmelo Anthony to New York. I was also against bringing Phil Jackson to New York. I didn’t believe either would offer much outside their name and I believe I was correct.

Carmelo Anthony has taken the high road through all of this and as a Knicks fan I hope Jackson is the first one to go FOLLOWED by Anthony.

But getting rid of those two would be like putting a band aid on a broken arm. The elephant in the room is Knicks Owner James Dolan and unless he’s willing to either bail out or butt the hell out than Knicks fans will continue seeing this continual stupidity.

Who are the Real Atlanta Hawks?

Does anyone really know? One minute they look like a bad high school team; the next they look like with a couple of breaks going their way they could reach the NBA Final. Kris Willis and I have a very interesting chat about all this on this week’s Peachtree Hoops.

Devin Booker Needs to Get Over Himself

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker got into it with Memphis Grizzlies guard Troy Daniels Wednesday night

Afterwards Booker had this to say about Daniels;

Booker commits a dumb foul; Daniels banks the trey and then gives him a little lip. Maybe Daniels was calling “bank”. What’s the big deal? Booker’s larger teammates came to bail him out so why keep yapping? More importantly why get so personal? Who cares how many teams Daniels has been on? The most important thing is that he’s still in the League AND he’ll be playing in the playoffs unlike Booker who will be making vacation plans in May.

This is why I Still Watch the Sacramento Kings

You don’t get to Keep both of them Portland

The Portland Trail Blazers have the dynamic backcourt of Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum and my oh my are they fun to watch. The duo makes up one of the top five backcourts in the entire NBA. The dynamic duo boast a combined 49.5 points a game and that right there would make any coach drool over the possibilities.

Scoring points in bunches is what they do……you’d think a team with that type of backcourt scoring would be securely in the top eight in the West but currently they are on the outside looking in as the ninth seed.

The trouble with the dynamic duo is as prolific as they are on offense they are just as bad on the defensive end. Lillard has a defensive RPM of -2.12 and while that isn’t the worst in the League (Isaiah Thomas -4.44 is League worst) it’s bad. Really bad.

McCollum has a defensive RPM of -1.57 and while that isn’t as bad as say Louis Williams (-1.98) or Nick Young (-1.82) it’s still not exactly reassuring to know that someone who is a lousy defended like Tim Hardaway Jr. is even he has a higher defensive RPM (-1.36)!

You would think that it would be obvious as to the reason why the Trail Blazers are on the outside looking in and needing heroics to win home games against lottery teams like Dallas wouldn’t you?

The Lakers have played 13,200 minutes this season and you know how many minutes Young and Williams have played together? 234. That’s it. 234.

You would think it would be obvious as to why the Trail Blazers backcourt can score nearly 50 points a game yet this team has a negative point’s differential of -2.5, wouldn’t you?

You can’t play C.J. McCollum and Damian Lillard on the floor together and expect long term success. There’s no other way around it. You just can’t do it. You aren’t going to win NBA games against playoff caliber teams in either conference with two players who are consistently killing your team on the defensive end playing together as much as Lillard and McCollum do.

It’s glaringly obvious what needs to be done and really the only thing left to do is trade one of their stars…....see how easy that was?

The hard part is which one do they trade because they can’t keep them both.

Have a great week!!