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Atlanta Hawks pull Paul Millsap off trade market, per report

Paul Millsap is off the trading block.

Atlanta Hawks v Dallas Mavericks
Per multiple reports, Paul Millsap will remain in Atlanta this season.
Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

Perhaps Paul Millsap will stay in Atlanta after all.

After trading Kyle Korver to Cleveland, many assumed Paul Millsap would be the next player shipped out of Atlanta. That no longer appears to be the case. Multiple reports now indicate that the Hawks will retain Millsap for the rest of the season.

Chris Vivalmore’s tweet is particularly interesting. Millsap is the Hawks’ best player and best trade asset by far, to the point where Atlanta’s status as a playoff contender would be hampered considerably by moving away from him as a centerpiece.

The Hawks will look to remain playoff contenders with Millsap staying in the fold and Mike Dunleavy Jr. reporting to Atlanta now. It should be noted that there is the potential of the Hawks simply posturing with this pseudo announcement, but Atlanta’s stubbornness in blowing up their veteran core lends credence to the reporting and overall sentiment.

Stay tuned for more updates as more information becomes available.